Friday, February 29, 2008

Freddie Highmore to voice Astroboy - SendMeRSS

Freddie Highmore likely doesn’t even know who Astroboy is, but he is going to find out in a hurry. He got the job to supply the little robot boy with a voice! says:

“It’s terrific that Freddie has agreed to play Astro. He’s a remarkably skilled young actor, whose freshness and vitality make him perfect for the role. AstroBoy is a beloved superhero and has captured hearts around the globe for more than 50 years. I can’t wait to see where Freddie takes him.”

Back when this little star took on the iconic Charlie of the chocolate factory I really had hopes that he would become more accomplished. Then came August Rush, and he seemed quite capable for someone of his age. So often we see these tiny starlets come and disappear into obscurity before we ever got the chance.

In Spiderwick, Freddie was more than up to the challenge of playing both Jared and Simon Grace, twins with very different personalities, and now moves on to put his talents behind yet another iconic character. This is not his first voice gig either, Golden Compass put his tune behind the demon “Pan”

I wonder if 10 years from now we will be saying “Yeah, he played Charlie, and some other stuff… I wonder what happened to him?” or will it be “That guy they are calling the next Johnny Depp was the voice of Astroboy back in ‘09″

Does this make you want to see Astroboy more? Do you think he is a good fit?

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