Monday, February 25, 2008

Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan Set To Re-Write Hellraiser - SendMeRSS

CenobitesIt looks like Hellraiser is getting a last minute rewrite from scribes Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan. We get the scoop this morning from the professionals at Variety:

Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan are scripting the “Hellraiser” remake for Dimension Films. The writers, earning high six figures for the job, will be working on a hair-raising deadline. French filmmakers Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo (”Inside”) are planning a spring start for the redo of the 1987 Clive Barker film, and the scribes will do a page-one rewrite from the set of “Midnight Man.” The duo scripted that Dimension film and Dunstan is directing it.

Since their debut on the Project Greenlight pic ‘Feast,” Melton and Dunstan are establishing themselves as fright fixtures. They are coming off “Saw 4″ and “Saw 5″ and also scripted a remake of “The Tingler” for producer Neal Moritz and Sony.

I am not sure why they need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to Hellraiser. The original film was great and I certainly would prefer to see more of the same rather than a rewrite. If someone had to do a rewrite, I would have liked it to have been Clive Barker himself. My fear is that the new film will suck, I am not going to lie to you, Hellraiser is among my most beloved horror films, and I do not want to see it bastardized.

With Clive Barker as a producer my nerves are settled somewhat. I am guessing he will use his position of power to axe any bullshit that tries to get through the gate; and for all I know, the rewrite may be a thing of beauty. I would prefer if they left this film alone, but must admit that I am interested in seeing the Cenobytes on screen again; they are a ghastly gang of bounty hunters and I am wondering what they will look like in this incarnation.

Hellraiser currently has a release date of January 9, an we will be sure to keep you up to speed on the progress of the film.

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User comment: By: Karl Hungus
Not only am I against most remakes on the grounds that they're rarely any good (All the best remakes were done decades ago at this stage, the recent ones have been uninspired at best), but that they often seem to be getting talented and original foreign film makers in to direct them, and it seems like a complete waste. High Tension was a great, original slasher film, yet Alexandre Aja hasn't gone anything good since, and only has remakes on the cards. It's just... Odd, I guess. Like the only work they can get in Hollywood is remaking films? Kind of sad.
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