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Harry PotterIn a recent interview with the “Herald Sun,” “Harry Potter” producer David Baron revealed details of an extra scene to be inserted into “Half-Blood Prince,” generally good news for fans of J.K. Rowling’s fantasy epic.

So why does his explanation make me hotter than a Hungarian Horntail? (Warning: Book Seven spoilers ahead)

It’s not just because the scene, which Barron says will take place at the Burrow, isn’t from the book. Baron states, and I of course acknowledge, that certain things from a novel don’t necessarily translate to film – it’s the nature of any adaptation. That means sometimes things have to be added and, truthfully, this particular quandary seems as good a candidate as any.

“Jo (Rowling) was able throughout the quite lengthy book to keep dropping little snippets of what was happening in the outside world - there’d be people reading newspapers and talking about how somebody’s parents had been killed, or somebody had been withdrawn from school because their parents didn’t think it was safe,” Baron explains. “And we’re making aware that the Muggle world is also experiencing these disasters…This was brought in because even in what would normally be considered the safe haven of the Burrow, nobody’s safe.”

Fine. Agreed. No, what makes me mad is that this added scene, if it’s indeed an attack on the Burrow from Death Eaters, will almost certainly be a detriment to a similar scene – a much more powerful and important scene – at the beginning of Book 7, when the Burrow actually is attacked for the first time DURING A WEDDING.

When Kingsley’s patronus lands smack in the middle of Bill and Fleur’s nuptials, I nearly lost my breath. So why would they have an attack scene at the Burrow in the preceding film? My great fear is that it’s because there won’t be a wedding at all. Last week, Clémence Poésy told MTV News that she won’t be appearing in “Half-Blood Prince.” Could it be that she’s not appearing in “Deathly Hallows” either?

I’m all for adding scenes – heck, I want each “Potter” film to be three hours long – but not at the expense of actual story.

But what do you guys think? Do you like the added scene? Would you like it more or less if it was indeed an attack by Death Eaters on the Burrow? Sound off below.

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User comment: By: aHarleyRyder
This should easily be a 3 hour movie. Potter fans will gladly watch every minute they're given. Anything less will be a sham. Make the movie long, stay true to the book, don't make it quite as dark as the last one and you'll find the true fans of the series will appreciate it a lot more.
User comment: By: AHasting
I think the movies should stay as true to the book as possible. The first 3 movies were close to the book, after that is was so choppy. The should bring back the first director.
User comment: By: fariha inam
umm....wait i dun want this 2 happen!!! if its not in tha buk y shud it b in tha muvie? theyre putting somrething in this that would turn thee movie MCU diff than tha book!! and its not like the movies arnt diff enough alredee!!!!=[[[
User comment: By: Neil
They can'ttake out the wedding becasue that's when Harry, Ron, and Hermione leave to go out on the streets because of the patronus and the death eaters. So why do that?
User comment: By: Ashley
i personally think that adding scenes and taking away big events NOT TO MENTION the OPENING EVENT to the last installment of this great series is just crazy. i dont know about other people but i will miss reading the in between that we got cut off from. i wanted to know about harry and ginny getting married, along with ron and hermione. its bad enough that we get cut off from knowing how harry lives his life after school but to stray from the material is just wrong. people read these books over and over again because they're a great read and taking away from that should not happen. the chic that played flur was hardly in the movie. and if she doesnt want to come back then replace her. if you can replace DUMBLEDORE you can replace her. so find someone new and do it right.
User comment: By: Gabbie
they couldn't really put the scene from the 7th into the 6th because Harry finds aout about the life and lies of Albus Dumbledore. It would be pointless and they take so much out anyway so how would they have time to add somthing that acording to JKR never happend at that time or at all! but I do think that everyone should trust all the makers at Harry potter because they spend millions and they don't do things lightly and the the producers and directors are not the only people that control the dessions.
User comment: By: Brandi
I don't think that the sixth movie needs an additional scene, the book was great the way it was. Also in the seventh book "The Dealthly Hallows" the wedding scene played an important part in the book, so removing the wedding all together would be disasterous.
User comment: By: Randy
All you have made great points about this issue, and I very much agree. Do not add a scene when so much has been taken out. I REALLY do not like this director! I thought he did a very poor job on OOTP, and purposely made it short, leaving out so much information that it difficult for people who have not read the book to understand what was going on. Quote:" so the movies really make me angry, the fourth one kind of strayed from the book, but it still worked, but the fifth one was ridiculous. People who hadn't read it were completely lost, and it was annoying for me to have to say what was happening every five second." Someone said that "JKR is NOT going to let them change her story lines so they will be more appealing to a movie going audience. she is very smart, and I do not think she is weak enough to let them make such a serious change without consulting her first" If this is true, what happened with OOTP? Quote: "I'm a big fan of the Potter films and books but I'm becoming concerned about how much is being left out of the movies, let alone adding parts that are not originally in the books. Do understand that it would be impossible to translate the entire book into a film." I think that many fans would be happy with making the last two movies 2 parters, 3 hour each. If JKR reads this, PLEASE make the director put as much information from the books as possible, even if the movies are 2 parts and 3-4 hours long. I would gladly sit through them, knowing that after reading the books, the movies will be just as good. I am saddened and so disappointed to see the movies loose so much information. I have bought all the movies, except OOTP.
User comment: By: elizabeth
Here, I found the article; In an interview with Herald Sun, David Barron sayd that a new scene which was not written in the sixth book, has been added for the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince film. David explains the scene : "We don't often have things that aren't in the book," producer David Barron told ."But this was brought in because Jo (Rowling) was able throughout the quite lengthy book to keep dropping little snippets of what was happening in the outside world-there'd be people reading newspapers and talking about how somebody's parents had been killed or somebody had been withdrawn from school because their parents didn't think it was safe. And we're made aware that the Muggle world is also experiencing these disasters, but thinks they are disasters rather than the work of Voldemort. The book is peppered with those moments, but we couldn't do that quite so easily in the film. So (the extra scene) comes in the middle of the film and it just reminds us the world is no longer a safe place. Even in what would normally be considered the safe haven of the Burrow, nobody's safe". And then added in the end "I think you´ll like it,It's quite effective".
User comment: By: Elizabeth
WHAT!!! THEY CAN'T TAKE OUT THE WEDDING!!! maybe they're not going to put it in the 6th movie but still have fleur in the 7th. i'm praying that's it because they just can't skip it!!!
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