Friday, February 29, 2008

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Breakfast Club in an Airport?McG protege and music video helmer Anna Mastro has signed on to direct Bumped, a modern-day version of The Breakfast Club, from a script by Lizzy Weiss. The plot is described as:

"A comedy-drama revolving around five twentysomethings — including a corporate go-getter, a musician and a flirt — who normally wouldn’t be friends but who get to know one another when they’re bumped from a flight and wind up stranded at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport."

Discuss: Do we really need a modern-day remake of The Breaakfast Club? And if so, do we really want a protege of McG to direct it?

source: THR

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User comment: By: GregoryV
If it's about the "quarterlife" crisis, I'll maybe, probably watch it.
User comment: By: cawlin
If stuck in an airport... Corporate Go-getter: does work on his ultra portable laptop or checks email on his blackberry. Musician: pulls out ipod or iphone and listens to music / watches a movie. Flirt: Pulls out phone and texts If any of them feel like breaking character I assume they go buy a book, go eat some food at one of the restaurants or do any number of things you do in an airport other than talk to people around you and have a coming-of-age moment. This sounds retarded.
User comment: By: Kip Mooney
To me, it seems as much a remake of 'Breakfast Club' as 'Disturbia' was a remake of 'Rear Window,' which is something I'm not opposed to. None of these are the same characters or anything, so I'm ok with that. But, to be clear, a maestro helms something, a doofus like McG does not.
User comment: By: Steelo
man they do that type of crap all the time anyway
User comment: By: patrick bateman
I stopped reading after the word "McG". Sorry.
User comment: By: Cinemaniac1979
I hate that word. "Helmer."
User comment: By: Robert
At least it's not an actual remake of The Breakfast Club, I might have stroked out...or at least cursed on this comment...alot.
User comment: By: JFK
"a corporate go-getter, a musician and a flirt" I wonder what the other two stereotypes they have in their arsenal are... Not that Breakfast Club didn't abuse stereotypes (at first) but Hughes was largely about debunking those myths, you know, in a stereotypical feel-good-ending eighties sorta way. But god damn it Judd Nelson is the shit in that flick. Looks like they found a way to remake Breakfast Club to me. Who knows, if they aim high and don't dull the edges for a tween audience this could be mildly impacting on todays assumptions of... absolutely nothing. This will probably just end up being The Hills or the OC in an airport. With a black guy and a musician thrown in for good measure. At least we have the next Aronofsky flick to pray for.
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