Friday, February 29, 2008

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The Love Guru Trailer

After waiting months to finally discover who (and what) exactly Pitka is, it's finally time for him to be revealed. The Love Guru is Mike Myers' newest movie in which he plays Pitka, an American who was left at the gates of an ashram in India as a child and raised by gurus. This is Myers' first original character since Austin Powers wrapped up in 2002. I'll admit this was high on my curiosity chart, but now that I've seen the trailer, it's dropped pretty much straight to the bottom. This looks exactly like Austin Powers but with longer hair and a mustache, and I mean that in a bad way - this looks downright terrible!

If I had to rank the comedies that just released new trailers, it would go: Get Smart first, Step Brothers second, and The Love Guru last. But maybe I'm being too harsh? Plus, as pretty as Jessica Alba is, she's box office poison. This summer's comedy selection isn't looking too hot so far, besides Get Smart. I'm already predicting a flop with The Love Guru.

Watch the trailer for The Love Guru:

You can also watch The Love Guru trailer in High Definition at Yahoo

The Love Guru is directed by Marco Schnabel, who worked as second unit director on Meet the Parents, Meet the Fockers, and Austin Powers: Goldmember and is now directing his first feature film. The script was written by both Mike Myers and Graham Gordy. The Love Guru arrives in theaters on June 20th this summer.

The Love Guru Poster

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Link - Comments - Alex Billington - Thu, 28 Feb 2008 16:31:07 GMT - Feed (2 subs)
User comment: By: akumared
Wow, that was not funny. i want my time back please...
User comment: By: Nunya
That was painful to watch.
User comment: By: Dusty
Crazy I know.. and yes I am seeing a counselor for it.. but I am a closet Myers fan... well just outted I guess... and I have to say that I am looking forward to it... please don't stone me... just shrug and say "he is nuts"
yeah this movie just looks alright I wish he would make another Austin Powers "I took a viagra it got stuck in my throught and i have had a stiff neck for hours i thank you"
User comment: By: Spider
It appears as though Mike Myers will be giving us a new reincarnation of "Austin Powers" this summer. There were a couple of laughs in this trailer and it's not as bad as made out to be. I think this flick will still do ok. A lot will depend on word of mouth, if this movie is actually good!
User comment: By: John
This movie looks absolutely terrible. If the third Austin Powers movie was any indication, this movie proves that Mike Myers' bit is getting tired.
User comment: By: Curtis
It looks ok but wont be nearly as good as Austin Powers was. Mike is a little washed up and dont care for him much now, should have a couple good laughs but not enough.
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