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Rainn WilsonIt was rain and Rainn [Wilson] Saturday afternoon in Santa Monica, as even an unseasonable downpour couldn’t dampen the spirits, or, for that matter, the Spirits — as stars braved the weather to crown the best of independent cinema at the 2008 Independent Spirit Awards.

Hosted by “Office” star Rainn Wilson, the ceremony turned into a coronation as “Juno,” the little-indie-that-could suddenly became the little indie that did, walking away with three awards including Best Feature, Best Female Lead (Ellen Page), and Best First Screenplay (Diablo Cody).

Or, as I said to Wilson outside:

“That’s one doodle you can’t undo, homeskillet.”

“I have five words in the movie and you got two of them wrong! And I made that movie,” he admonished, laughing and palling around. “C’mon!”

If Rainn wasn’t taking himself too seriously, well, neither were most of the other stars, many wearing open collar shirts and jeans. A mere 10 ft. from the beach, nominees Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Don Cheadle, Cate Blanchett, and others hung with fans — at least a few we spotted arriving after jazzercising by the water.

And we were there for the whole shebang. In between talking up independent film with many of its brightest talents, we found time to ask about future projects. Stay tuned to MTV in the coming days for exclusive news on “The Dark Knight,” “Star Trek,” “Mummy 3,” “Twilight,” and more.

But before then, check out the list of winners below, and let us know what you think of this year’s crop. What’s your biggest surprise? Sound off below.

Best Feature
‘The Diving Bell and the Butterfly’
‘I’m Not There’
‘Juno’ (WINNER)
‘A Mighty Heart’
‘Paranoid Park’

Best Director
Todd Haynes, ‘I’m Not There’
Tamara Jenkins, ‘The Savages’
Jason Reitman, ‘Juno’
Julian Schnabel, ‘The Diving Bell and the Butterfly’ (WINNER)
Gus Van Sant, ‘Paranoid Park’

Best Male Lead
Pedro Castaneda, ‘August Evening’
Don Cheadle, ‘Talk to Me’
Philip Seymour Hoffman, ‘The Savages’ (WINNER)
Tony Leung, ‘Lust, Caution’
Frank Langella, ‘Starting Out in the Evening’

Best Female Lead
Angelina Jolie, ‘A Mighty Heart’
Sienna Miller, ‘Interview’
Ellen Page, ‘Juno’ (WINNER)
Parker Posey, ‘Broken English’
Tang Wei, ‘Lust, Caution’

Best Supporting Male
Chiwetel Ejiofor, ‘Talk to Me’ (WINNER)
Marcus Carl Franklin, ‘I’m Not There’
Kene Holliday, ‘Great World of Sound’
Irfan Khan, ‘The Namesake’
Steve Zahn, ‘Rescue Dawn’

Best Supporting Female
Cate Blanchett, ‘I’m Not There’ (WINNER)
Anna Kendrick, ‘Rocket Science’
Jennifer Jason Leigh, ‘Margot at the Wedding’
Tamara Podemski, ‘Four Sheets to the Wind’
Marisa Tomei, ‘Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead’

Best Screenplay
Ronald Harwood, ‘The Diving Bell and the Butterfly’
Tamara Jenkins, ‘The Savages’ (WINNER)
Fred Parnes & Andrew Wagner, ‘Starting Out in the Evening’
Adrienne Shelly, ‘Waitress’
Mike White, ‘Year of the Dog’

Best Cinematography
‘The Savages’
‘The Diving Bell and the Butterfly’ (WINNER)
‘Youth Without Youth’
‘Lust, Caution’

Best Foreign Film
‘4 Months, 3 Weeks, and 3 Days’ (Romania)
‘The Band’s Visit’ (Israel)
‘Lady Chatterley’ (France)
‘Once’ (Ireland) (WINNER)
‘Persepolis’ (France)

Best Documentary
‘Crazy Love’ (WINNER)
‘Lake of Fire’
‘Manufactured Landscapes’
‘The Monastery’
‘The Prisoner Or: How I Planned To Kill Tony Blair’

Best First Feature
‘2 Days in Paris’
‘Great World of Sound’
‘The Lookout’ (WINNER)
‘Rocket Science’

Best First Screenplay
Jeffrey Blitz, ‘Rocket Science’
Zoe Cassavetes, ‘Broken English’
Diablo Cody, ‘Juno’ (WINNER)
Kelly Masterson, ‘Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead’
John Orloff, ‘A Mighty Heart’

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