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‘Twilight’ Co-Star Rachelle Lefevre Talks Treetop Controversy - SendMeRSS

Rachelle LefevreIf it’s possible to create a riot in cyberspace, “Twilight” star Kristen Stewart may have done just that a few weeks ago, mentioning a scene in the upcoming movie in which “[Robert Pattinson as Edward] throws me over his back, right before he’s going to tell me that he’s a vampire, and then he runs over the treetops.”

Some 1,600 comments later, the debate rages on, over whether the scene strays too far from the book’s depiction. Naturally, when we landed the first-ever on-set “Twilight” interview with Stewart’s co-star Rachelle Lefevre, we had to get her thoughts on whether those treetops would be tweaking “Twilight” too much.

“There’s a scene where Edward reveals to Bella that he is a vampire, and he doesn’t just reveal that he’s a vampire, he reveals all that that encompasses,” Lefevre said of the script. “It’s almost a demonstration, and I think that scene is going to be amazing.”

The actress, who plays the vampire Victoria in the flick, added that the cast has spent the past few weeks training for such stunts. “I haven’t seen all of the stunts specifically, but I did see a setup of that while I was doing my wire work,” she revealed. “I would imagine that [Stewart’s statement] is exactly what they are going to do.

“They’re talking like it’s really going to happen,” Lefevre added. “We did a rehearsal at one point where [director] Catherine [Hardwicke] was like, ‘They went up in the tree, but we’re not doing that today.’ I think we are really doing that.”

Before you post your comments below, Lefevre wants you to consider that the treetop-running thing does happen at other times in the “Twilight” series, even if not in the moment when Edward reveals himself.

“I think that there is a scene where a character ends up in a treetop in the book,” she explained. “I don’t want to say who, but there are treetop scenes in the book. But there are also things that are described in the book — the stunts that we are going to be doing, as far as I understand it, are very accurate to what’s in the book.

“You want to put as much action and excitement into the movie as possible,” Lefevre said of the controversy. “So sometimes things get heightened.”

So, twi-hards: What do you think?

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User comment: By: Ashle
Pg. 280..."There was no sound, no evidence that his feet touched the earth...But the trees flew by at deadly speeds, always missing us by inches." I'm guessing that this line is where this whole "tree-top" controversy is coming from. It's ambiguous, and allows for interpretation.
User comment: By: Leonora
i say they leave the story line alone. it's perfect just as it is. they don't need to make it more exciting. ever time i read any of the twilight books there is so much excitement and adrenaline in me! it's plenty exciting. why mess with a good thing? and besides the port angeles scene is crucial to the story line. you can't just cut it out! i would much rather see that scene than edward running on tree tops. it just seems like too much. as a die hard twilight fan i say that they should nix the tree top scene and change only minimal things about the story line.
User comment: By: psychgirl
People are not so much "freaked out" by a tree top scene as they are about the possibility that they will stray from the book so much throughout the movie that it will only slightly represent it and that it will lose what makes it valuable. There is a tree top scene... in Eclipse. Jacob outside Bella's room. Is that what she is referring to? I just finished reading them for the (gulp) third time and there is NO OTHER TREE TOP SCENE. We all wish the actors and actresses were as...involved... as us in this saga, but they have a life.
User comment: By: Ashley
why is everybody so freaked out? this movie is gonna be so great, be glad they are even making a movie. it sounds like they have some great stunts for the parts in the woods. please, just stop complaining so much and judge it after you see it in december. i think the casting choices are perfect, and they are doing an incredible job making my favorite book into a movie.
User comment: By: Lisa Cullen
I do not worry about tree tops it will be really cool. No one has seem to notice how very important it is that Jacob tells Bella about the cold ones (that the cullens are vampires) why you say?? Because he breaks the treaty so in fact if Edward ever does bite Bella he is not breaking the treaty because Jacob already did. I hope no one forgets just how important this is to all the books and to the end I am sure. Also I love Robert Pattinson he is a amazing actor and I'm so excited he is going to play Edward they couldn't have picked a better and more talented actor to play him. And were are the side's you all talk about? you never said, please do share us other Twi-Hards need to know. bye for now and Thank heaven for Edward Cullen the sexist vampire ever!!! Lisa Cullen
User comment: By: Tiffany Turner
I think that they should leave the Port Angeles scene in and ditch the tree top scene. Just my opinion though..
User comment: By: Tiffany Turner
I fully agree with you Fayee.
User comment: By: Robyn
Um, I don't care so much about the treetop thing, which sounds cheesy but maybe it won't be, we'll see. I'm worried about the fact that they're making Edward tell Bella he's a vampire. That just is completely wrong!!! I mean what, he and his entire family work so hard to keep it a secret so they can stay in Forks, and then he just tells her and betrays his family because he likes her? He never wanted to her to find out, though in a way he did of course, but still! That is something they shouldn't change. GRRR.
User comment: By: Fayee
Okay, so this movie... It sounds like it will be a big hit and is very much anticipated by a lot of the fans. I am a fan myself, loving all the books aloooot.... BUT. I somewhat disagree with some of the casting, and I am very disappointed. This "Tree-Hopping" scene, it does sound entertaining and may be a fun-twist to the movie, but there really is no tree-hopping scene in the book... The reason why I'm really kind of high-hoping for this movie is because, honestly, I was really disappointed with the Blood and Chocolate movie interpretation of the book, and Eragon. I don't want Twilight to become another disappointment. It may be acceptable for them to change some parts, but plleeeeeeaaaseee leave plot-cruicial points alone!!! Also... no offense... but with the many other Twilight fans I agree. Get your facts straight.
User comment: By: Kathy
Sorry but, Robert is ugly.
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