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Zac EfronArticle by Heather Perry

Please, ladies. Don’t cry. Ever since we posted our latest Zac Efron “High School Musical” story, devoted fans of the hit TV flicks have been disconcerted over the news that the golden boy is hanging up his dancing shoes.

But wait! Adam Shankman, the producer/director/choreographer of “Hairspray,” has information of biblical proportions that should bring screaming 15-year-olds out of their broken-hearted depression. The king of musicals will shake his perfect little tush once more in the now-filming movie, “Seventeen Again.”

“We have some very funny scenes between him and Leslie Mann from ‘Knocked Up,’ which are off-the-charts funny,” Shankman gushed. “But there’s also this big thing with Zac dancing with a lot of cheerleaders that is very, very fun and funny.”

Add one part Zac Efron, with cheerleaders sprinkled liberally throughout, and you’ll likely get ecstatic Zac devotees swooning over the news that he’s not quite finished boogying down. As if that isn’t enough, another thing to watch for in “Seventeen” is Zac’s maturity being taken to another level.

“People are going to be so surprised how seriously great he is in this movie. I’m really proud,” beamed Shankman, producer of the film that also stars Matthew Perry, Michelle Trachtenberg and “Reno 911!” star Thomas Lennon. “This is about a man whose life has not gone the way he wants it to, so he wishes he was 17 again and he gets his wish. And then he’s realizing it’s nothing like he thought it would be. So it’s a reverse ‘Big.’ It has as many funny scenes in it as it does heartfelt scenes.”

“[Zac] has to carry this whole movie as a comedian,” he added. “But there are some very emotional scenes as well.”

Don’t get hung up on the mushy details though, because Shankman promises to deliver all you fanatical Zac addicts their fix.

“Let’s put it this way,” Shankman grinned. “I’m a dance historian, so you know the steps are going to be right on.”

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE…Check out our visit to the set of “Seventeen Again” right here!

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User comment: By: keshi
Hi Zac u r extremely handsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
User comment: By: Rachel
Hey, I absoultley luv zac and i have apassion for acting
User comment: By: ZAC FAN
i love zac efron
User comment: By: tiara and breana
hey what up you rock and we love you
User comment: By: Emily
Zac Efron, you AMAZE me! Love you so much, You are so talented, creative, amazing, determined and still seem like such a nice guy! Can't wait fotr HSM3, 17 Again, Footlose and especially Me and Orson Welles!! I think your'e gonna win an oscar before your 25. Foo Shoo. Continue to inspire, entertain and amaze me!
User comment: By: Coral
Hey Zac your AWESOME, keep going you can do this. i wish all the best in the world. never change how you are. I LOVE YOU TAKE CARE BYE XOXO
User comment: By: lorwa
heya zac efron i luv high school musical and hairspray i've got them both on dvd i ain'y obsested like some of the grrls are i just thik ya very lush and a realli good actor!!!!!!!! luv lorwa xxxxxxxxxx
User comment: By: adaitaly
"The evident proof that Zac Efron..." Also Zac has a secret! Watch this video on You Tube!
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