Thursday, February 14, 2008

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Written by David Morgan

On a somber note, legendary Japanese director Kon Ichikawa died of pneumonia on February 13th at age 92. Director of such classics as The Burmese Harp, Fires on the Plain, and The Tokyo Olympiad, Ichikawa was also the last surviving member of the so-called "Four Knights." The other Knights were contemporary Japanese filmmakers Akira Kurosawa, Keisuke Kinoshita, and Masaki Kobayashi. The quartet attempted to make a film based on the Shugoro Yamamoto's story, though they never succeeded. In fact, it was not until the other three had died that Ichikawa finally made such a film and called it Dora Heita in 2000.

His films and accomplishments could be listed all day, but for now it will suffice to say that the world of cinema has lost yet another of its old masters.

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