Friday, February 29, 2008

Aaron Eckhart Discusses The Two-Faces Of Crime In ‘The Dark Knight’ - SendMeRSS

Last year at the Independent Spirit Awards, Aaron Eckhart spilled the beans on Harvey Dent, telling MTV News that the key to his performance was in finding “the tension…the similarities” between Batman and Two-Face. This year, he told us what he found.

“Well, they’re both crime fighters,” he said. “They both care about law and order. They both care about Gotham City. Although they come from different backgrounds, they share certain things. Pausing, he added, “[Things that] I cannot tell you about.”

Anybody who’s ever read a “Batman” comic book knows what some of those things are – admitting them would be a non-spoiler spoiler, akin to saying Harry Potter and Voldemort are both orphans. If you’re familiar at all with the source material, chances are you know this already.

So what could it be in Nolan’s universe that demands secrecy? It would have to be something specific to the movie, right? Something not in any other Batman incarnation. Something like…Assistant District Attorney Rachel Dawes?

Could it be that both men share a love for the spunky brunette?

For his part, Eckhart’s not talking.

“I can’t comment on anything. I’m sorry. You gotta ask, but literally, if I ever want to work in this town again, I cannot say anything to you,” he teased, smiling. “[Chris Nolan] is a good man, but he’s a tough man.”

One thing Eckhart would reveal, however, is that he shares a scene in the film with the Joker. While we endlessly discussed the effectiveness of Ledger’s performance after the first trailer arrived, Eckhart says there can be no debate – Ledger’s work will “blow [you] away.”

“I had a wonderful time working with Heath. I had the chance to watch him shine in this movie,” Eckhart said. “I am glad that I was able to be in the same room and watch him work.”

What do you think? Does our Rachel Dawes theory seem credible? And what of this scene with the Joker? Sound off below.

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User comment: By: fletcher
Well will his scene with the joker be as Harvey Dent or as two-face, i'm betting on it being as harvey.
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