Friday, February 29, 2008

Star Poll asks for input on Fanboys Edits - SendMeRSS

A few days ago I posted an article talking about some significant changes to Fanboys that is causing concern to the direction of the film.

Now thanks to a tip by Falcon, I see that the official has a poll about this.

Have you been following the production of Fanboys?

Yes, and I’m pretty concerned
Yes, but I’m not too worried
No, I have not

For those of you who don’t know, part of the storyline’s motivation was that this wild adventure was brought about because one of the gang in Fanboys was terminally ill with Cancer and wouldn’t live to see Star Wars Episode One. So they plot to steal it from Lucasfilm Ranch. Now they have considered an edit that would remove the Cancer storyline. Fans are split over this decision, and test screenings are only a tiny bit leaning towards taking the Cancer angle out.

This poll on Star Wars’ website makes me wonder if Lucasfilm is also concerned about the direction they may take and want the fanboys’ reaction to it. They (ahem Me) are the target audience after all.

I personally think that making changes to the film that remove this element is a big concern to me. Are they going to make this into a pointless gag fest to test my suspension of disbelief? Where is the heart of this film?

Those who are not worried about it are likely hoping for something less “meaningful” to their comedies and don’t need a “reason” for some stunt to be pulled, they just want to see the hilarity that unfolds in the process. Others don’t even know this movie was being made and won’t have an opinion until after its been finished anyways.

Are you going to go to and place your vote?

I did.

Also, it gave me another reason to put up that picture of Kristen Bell in the Slave Leia outfit!

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User comment: By: alfie
there is no way on earth a film this delayed, cut, recut, pruned and fucked with will be any good when it finally sees ther light of day. they should just bury it and save everyone the embarrassment.
User comment: By: Paul
Alright, I went and voted that I was 'pretty concerned.' What a weird poll. There is no nuance to am I to tell Lucas that he must not cut the scene with that one chick in that bikini?! I'm at a loss. Oh and that dude has to have cancer. Fuck this movie without it. Let that dork die with some dignity!
User comment: By: Kristina
JUST RELEASE IT ALREADY! For heavens' sake, this thing has been nipped and tucked more than Joan Rivers!
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