Monday, February 25, 2008

Javier Bardem: What Is He Thinking About? - SendMeRSS


Look above at the above picture of Javier Bardem. Consider his face. Look into his eyes. What is he thinking about?

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User comment: By: Ross Miller
Don't feel bad for me because of the hair...the Oscar shields my shame...
User comment: By: Karl Hungus
"I drink you milkshake"
User comment: By: Moe
"Tom Hanks looks a lot like Rex Murphy. Spooky"
User comment: By: rafa1215
Is it Catsup or Ketchup?
User comment: By: Logan
in front of a macdo ,thinking about what he's gonna eat
User comment: By: Phil Gee
"I hope she never stops"
User comment: By: Ransom
Man, I gotsta get me a Whopper!
User comment: By: Toms
He doesn't seem like a very happy person.
User comment: By: J
"If only I could find a way to score one of those communist Canada t-shirts"
User comment: By: steve
god damn, that was some good macaroni and cheese....good ol' blue box blues
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