Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Fanboys rejoice! Venom solo movie in the works! - SendMeRSS

Written By Lucas C Haberstich

Suggested Tagline: This movie wants to eat your brains.

After the character's poor showing in the disappointing and over-crowded third installment of the Spider-Man flicks, it seems that the big, nutty Spider-villain, Venom, is getting another shot at the big screen.  Reported on IESB over the weekend, it seems that Marvel Comics is taking advantage of its interim deal with the Writer's Guild to talk with "A-list writers" about bringing the symbiotic alien back to theatres.  

But how can a solo film starring a Spider-Man villain work?  Over the years, Venom has been a brain-hungry Spider-Man hater, an innocents-saving anti-hero, and a lurking monster.  My favorite take was the casting of the Venom symbiote as John Carpenter's The Thing and a similar slant could be taken to make a gory R-rated horror film with the character jumping bodies to feed.  I suspect, though, that Marvel will try to keep the audience built up by the Spider-Man franchise and follow a Jekyll-and-Hyde formula with Venom's host attempting to curb the alien's appetite.  Topher Grace and Sam Raimi aren't likely to be on-board for this one, but we'll make sure to let you know the details as they're revealed.

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