Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Empire Film Group acquires Henson: a biopic of the Muppets creator - SendMeRSS

Written by Lucas C Haberstich

The production on a biopic about beloved filmmaker and puppeteer Jim Henson is planned for late summer 2008, ComingSoon reports. Empire Film Group, Inc. has acquired the rights to Robert D. Slane's original screenplay, Henson, which chronicles the life and achievements of the Muppetmaster, giving it a $30 million budget and looking to hire a major director (Penny Marshal was their example) for the project and a few stars for key roles.

Empire Home Entertainment President Eric Parkinson summed up the project nicely: "Jim Henson is one of the best known and most beloved entertainers of all time... His story is inspiring, tragic, heartwarming and epic, and will make for an important and entertaining motion picture."

This news spooked me because four hours before I read it, I was wondering why no one had made a movie about the life of Jim Henson.  He touched so many lives and was a brilliant performer and filmmaker.  Who can they possibly cast in his role?  Who can match Kermit's voice?  Who can grow that beard?

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