Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Coen Brothers to Write and Direct ‘Yiddish Policemen’s Union’ Film Adaptation - SendMeRSS

The Coen Brothers are on fire because of their critically successful film, 'No Country For Old Men.' After they their next project, 'The Serious Man,' they have decided to adapt yet another award winning author's novel called 'Yiddish Policemen's Union.'

Comingsoon.net gives us this synopsis:

Chabon sets up a contemporary scenario where Jewish settlers are about to be displaced by U.S. government’s plans to turn the frozen locale of Sitka, Alaska, over to Alaskan natives. Against this backdrop is a noir-style murder mystery in which a rogue cop investigates the killing of a heroin-addicted chess prodigy who might be the messiah.

Am I excited about this news? Hmm….it's hard to say. Sure, this sounds like a great novel to adapt, and the Coen Brothers are a very talented filmmaking team. I mean, this is the team that brought 'Fargo,' 'The Big Lebowski,' 'Barton Fink,' and 'O Brother Where Art Thou?' to the big screen.  However, this is also the same team that brought 'The Hudsucker Proxy,' 'Intolerable Cruelty,' and 'The LadyKillers' to the big screen as well. (Yeesh!)

As much as I love some of their work, I have to admit they do release a lot of "hit or miss" films. I find that because of 'No Country For Old Men,' no one really wants to admit this fact. Hopefully they can break this pattern with their upcoming projects. :)

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