Tuesday, February 12, 2008

David Wain Mentors Paul Rudd In ‘Little Big Men’ - SendMeRSS

David WainLook out, Paul Rudd: You’ve just been “Wainyized!” Almost a year after the “Knocked Up” star enthusiastically spoke to MTV News about an upcoming project called “Little Big Men,” his “Wet Hot American Summer” director revealed that he’s taken over the project, “and basically rewrote it from scratch.”

“I came in fairly late in the game. This was a movie that was in motion and needed a director,” Wain said. “We cast a huge part of our familiar troupe in a lot of the roles. It’s the concept of the movie I was handed but at the same time is infused with my comic sensibility.”

As Rudd told us in June, the story follows “two guys who are energy drink sales reps who get into trouble,” Wain explained, “and end up being forced by a judge to do community service by being mentors to two young boys.”

That’s the set-up. Typical Wain, perhaps. But expect the unexpected in the payoff, the director joked.

“There’s less of an absurdist bent to it. It’s more straight-forward than my previous work,” Wain confessed, adding with just a hint of sarcasm. “Bring your Kleenex is all I’m going to say. And maybe bring a second pack.”

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