Friday, February 1, 2008

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Wuthering-Heights-PostersIt looks like the classic film Wuthering Heights is up to bat on the remake machine. We get wind of this resurrection thanks to our friends at themovieweb:

A new remake of the classic tale Wuthering Heights has a new director. According to Variety, John Maybury (The Jacket) is set to take the reins of Wuthering Heights. Olivia Hetreed (Girl with a Pearl Earring) wrote the screenplay and casting is currently under way, with plans to start shooting in the fall. Wuthering Heights has been adapted more than a dozen times, the most notable being the 1939 film with Laurence Olivier and Merle Oberon. The story revolves around love and obsessive passion torn through the societal class system.

This film is going to be adapted for the 13th time!?!? Good gracious this thing has more incarnations that the Dhali Llama and I haven’t seen any of them. In 1939 it won the best cinematography oscar and was nominated for seven others. It would be fun to dig up the original film and watch it back to back with the remake, actually you could have a movie day where you watch 6 or more of them.

Shooting for the film begins this fall.

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