Friday, February 1, 2008

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Not a fan of spoof films, but Leslie Nielsen slays me every time he opens his mouth. The man’s timing is incredible and his ability to punctuate dialogue with facial expression is legendary. Any film is lucky to have him in it.

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User comment: By: Mozzerino
Leslie Nielsen is a god of sorts, no question. The trailer does nothing for me, but a review over at AICN recently said that it was actually quite good. Let's wait and see.
User comment: By: Erin Cole
Wow, that is all kinds of awful. I was just celebrating never having to watch another Spartans trailer, and now I have this trash to look forward to.
User comment: By: Mr.Death
Oy Vey! Despite the great cast and the Zucker Brothers, I don't think this is one I want to see.
User comment: By: Haole
I agree that this does apear to be a cut above the recent schlock they've been feeding the masses. Focusing on one thing to spoof does give a bit credence to it... scary movie was good, but the second scary movie onward were all horrible. I was just watching Police Squad (what Naked Gun was based from) and I had forgotten how funny Nielsen can be. I'll pray to God that he does well and if Nagy could sacrifice a virgin sheep to his Heathen Lord, we'll have all the bases covered.
User comment: By: Robert(wolf)
I might see this. The trailer made me giggle in parts. I like Neilsen and Bell so they could bring some spark to it.
User comment: By: Phil Gee
Well i guess i'm seeing a different trailer to you guys cause this looks fucking horrible. Movies always put their best stuff in the trailer and this is apparently the best we can hope to see in this film. Also, i wouldn't call it a spoof......i'd call it plagarism. Seriously, i couldn't believe what i was seeing.
User comment: By: dougnagy
I laughed well when the cat ran by - that was good
User comment: By: Daryl
This one has that 'cut above' feeling rather than the crap that was presented to us in Meet The Spartans. This could work...maybe...
User comment: By: DJ Machismo
I'm a bit more prone to watching spoof films. However this one seems to ring a better chord with me due to not being all over the place trying to spoof 50 movies at once with the base premise of only one. Plus I like Drake Bell as an actor, just has a good vibe about him. I have a feeling this will turn out better than most expect it to.
User comment: By: WolfMarauder
Anything that involves the Zuckers has at least a partial chance of surprising.
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