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The Perfect Sleep Trailer

I don't know what this is but damn does it look good! Information on this film and the trailer originally came from Ain't It Cool News, and after watching it I really wanted to share it with all of you. The film is titled The Perfect Sleep and could be best described as "masochism noir". In essence, the lead character has two desires: cause pain to other people, and survive as much pain as he can himself. There's about as much violence in this trailer than almost all of Rambo and yet it still seems like it could be good, or at least maybe a cult hit. What do you guys think?

Watch the trailer for The Perfect Sleep:

preview image

If you're curious to know more, head to the official website for The Perfect Sleep:

The Perfect Sleep is directed by budding filmmaker Jeremy Alter, who has one short film titled The Godson previously and who has been working in the movie industry for a long time. The script was written by Alter's writing partner Anton Pardoe. The Perfect Sleep is currently premiering at the Berlin Film Festival as we speak but doesn't have a distributor yet. Expect it to arrive in theaters sometime this year once it gets picked up.

The Perfect Sleep

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Link - Comments - Alex Billington - Fri, 08 Feb 2008 12:50:10 GMT - Feed (2 subs)
User comment: By: Alex
I'm probably wrong, but isn't there a few trailers where we're given the definition of Film Noir? It seems like I've seen it before. And the dew.
User comment: By: Showtyme
That scream is WAAAAY older than a Mountain Dew commercial. That's the wilhelm scream, it's been around pretty much as long as movies with sound has been around.
User comment: By: Nick
For the love of all things holy, when will they stop using that fucking scream (1:26). It was taken from a Mountain Dew commercial over a decade ago and has been beating to death. Other than that, look cool.
User comment: By: Alex Billington
You're referring to the other picture we posted? I don't mind "showing my age" because it's the same age that we cater to with our readers... I know that obviously Mickey Rourke has a lot more than just Sin City, but not only do older folks also know him as that, but more people probably know him as Marv than anything else... I actually thought about whether to include some of his other roles, but then I just thought, Sin City is most prevalent with our readers and with people who know Mickey beyond just that, it's all encompassing, so why not.
User comment: By: Spike-the-Poet
Re: AICN I remember he thought "Six String Samurai" was the greatest film ever made. Then I remember how it turned out his reviewers were not the "insiders" his readers were lead to believe. And, by the way, Micky Rourke is known for a bit more than Marv. You're showing your age...
User comment: By: Ryan
Looks alright.
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