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Jackie Moon Tribute

Who is Jackie Moon? He is a pioneer, a player, an innovator, a coach, a poet, a visionary. He is everything you want to be, but can't. I'm not lying when I say I can't wait to see Semi-Pro. It looks as good as Anchorman, if not better, and Will Ferrell has me in tears with laughter. Some of the ABA's finest players, coaches, and other great basketball names like Jo Jo White, Dana Barros and Mark Cuban have put together a tribute to Jackie Moon and his hit single "Love Me Sexy". There is nothing else more important for you to watch this afternoon than this touching and powerful tribute to one of the great songs ever made.

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Our friends at Film School Rejects have dubbed this month "Will Ferrell Brings the Funk Month", and I'm joining with them as well. I've caught the Funk Fever and Semi-Pro is all that's on my mind! That was one of the funniest videos I've ever seen in a long time. Now I just want to listen to "Love Me Sexy" all day and all night long. But wait, we can! has got the complete music video for "Love Me Sexy" starring the one-and-only Jackie Moon! In 1972, Jackie Moon bought the Flint Tropics of the ABA for $28,000. He paid for the team using the profits from this chart-topping 1970 single, "Love Me Sexy".

As they say, I'm ready to continue down this path of "funk and dunk" on my way to February 29th when we'll finally be able to watch this awesome movie. In the meantime, I hope you plan to get your own groove on to "Love Me Sexy" and enjoy the tribute to Jackie Moon, because we'll still got a few weeks before Will Ferrell shows us how to live and love in Semi-Pro.

Semi-Pro is directed by Kent Alterman, who is directing his first feature film, and written by Scot Armstrong, who also wrote Old School, School for Scoundrels, and The Heartbreak Kid. The movie arrives in theaters on February 29th.

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