Friday, February 22, 2008

WonderCon Meet-Up Anyone? 8:00pm at Jillians! - SendMeRSS


Update: If anyone is interested, we’re meeting at 8:00PM at Jillians at the Metreon right next to the convention center.

Who's going to WonderCon this weekend in San Francisco?

Alex from FirstShowing and I will have a bit of free time on Friday night, February 22nd, and we’re considering catching some dinner and drinks with anyone who wants to join us. If you live in San Francisco and might want to meet-up, comment below and let us know. We’re just trying to gauge interest and see how man San Franciscans might be up for enjoying some food/brews with the two film geeks behind and!

If you’re interested in possibly catching up with us in San Fran this Friday, just leave a comment below with your e-mail and name. If we put something together we’ll update this blog post and try and message all of you. Stay tuned and we might just see you there…

We’ve decided to meet up at 8:00PM for some food and drinks with a small group at Jillians, a restaurant across the street from the convention center in the Metreon. See you there if you can make it!

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User comment: By: Gaius
Ok, tonight's the night. Any updates?
User comment: By: Adrian
I'll be goin. My name is Adrian Voo. My email is
User comment: By: cat
aww, i'm not going to be at wonder con until saturday! hope you guys enjoy the show!!! yup.
User comment: By: JennaW
hey guys! i'm a huge fan of your site and would love to geek out over some drinks. let me know if you arrange anything! cheers, jenna w
User comment: By: GregoryV
i'll be at wondercon for sure. if anyones interested, i'll be throwing a private party at a club the first night of wondercon.
User comment: By: Mando
I might be there, I live in Oakland
User comment: By: Screen Rant
I don't know my schedule yet but you know I'd love to join you guys. Vic
User comment: By: Maggie
I'd be down. Any ideas on the venue or what have you?
User comment: By: Gaius
Yeah, I know. I'm just making sure people know that beforehand so I don't get strange looks if I say that I'm probably not even going.
Hell yea, partying it up in San Fran! WonderCon is going to kick some serious ass... or so I hope. And Gaius, no worries, we're just talking about drinks and dinner, no need to go to WonderCon at all.
User comment: By: Gaius
I live in SOMA and I might would love to attend a meetup but I'm not really sure I'm up for Wondercon. My email is neoufo51 at yahoo if anything develops.
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