Friday, February 22, 2008

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Actor Hugo Weaving (V For Vendetta, The Matrix) is set to star as Detective Aberline for director Joe Johnston in The Wolf Man. Weaving will join a cast that includes Anthony Hopkins (as the Wolf Man’s father), Benicio del Toro (as the Wolf Man) and Emily Blunt (as the love interest). This is the first bit of casting news for the big budget remake of the 1941 horror film since the original director, Mark Romanek, abruptly left at the end of January over budget issues. Romanek had spent a few years working to bring the film to the screen with del Toro, and now Variety reports that Johnston has had David Self (Road to Perdition, The Haunting) do a rewrite of the script by Andrew Scott Walker. A little curious.

Weaving is the guy to go to for classier event films like this and he definitely boosts the movie’s chances of being a creative success. But Johnston, who previously directed Hidalgo, Jumanji and Jurassic Park III, inspires nothing. He has a surprising number of defenders online, but to me, this is the equivalent of hypothetically never seeing Spike Jonze’s Where the Wild Things Are. Would this lavish project have happened with Johnston on board originally? No. And such a thought will be in the back of my head for sometime, perhaps even while watching the film in February ‘09, if applicable. Romanek hasn’t updated the news page on his official website in years; you have to wonder if he’ll ever open up about what happened.

Discuss: If Hugo Weaving ever plays a villain in Christopher Nolan’s Batman films, who should he play?

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User comment: By: Deleriyes
He would be amazing as the Riddler!
User comment: By: Schu
David Tennant said he wants to be the Riddler. Weaving could always be Hugo Strange though (not just for sharing the same first name). That could be creepy... I do hope Joker isn't killed off though (despite the tragedy with Heath). I remember Nolan saying that was Tim Burton's biggest mistake with the first movie. Wonder if he fell into that trap in the end. We'll see in a few months though!
User comment: By: Brian
Question: By the end of The Dark Knight, is the Joker alive or dead?
User comment: By: Matthew
Mr Freeze.
User comment: By: Juan
I'm from Colombia, and i agree! Hugo is the riddler, he has that voice, that dark and yet playful voice!!! if you have seen V for Vendetta you know what i'm talking about!
User comment: By: The Addict
With Heath no longer being an option (r.i.p.), I think Weaving would make a really interesting and menacing Joker. I don't think he's quite right for the Riddler, but I've been wrong before. The Mad Hatter is a possibility as well, but not a likely one for film. He does look kind of like the comic version of Mr. Freeze though. It'd be nice to have that mess remedied.
User comment: By: Hunter Stephenson
@salthegeeek It's winter, and why not?
User comment: By: Brian
Yeah, Riddler. Thats some inspired casting, as he'd be wonderful. But barring that obvious choice... he'd have been a good R'as. I agree about the Wolfman film though, Romanek leaving is tragic. It was almost too good to be true, now I will not see the film in theatres, at all.
User comment: By: salthegeeek
why does he have such a huge beard ...
User comment: By: gah
The Riddler. Isn't that obvious, Hunter?
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