Friday, February 15, 2008

Will Arnett Gives Us A Peek Under The Hood Of His ‘Knight Rider’ Voice - SendMeRSS

For one brief, shining moment, it seemed as though the worlds of Hasselhoff cheese and Will Arnett chortles were finally coming together as one. The “Arrested Development” funnyman had been cast as the voice of K.I.T.T. in the new “Knight Rider” TV movie, and visions were already running through our heads of G.O.B. sarcastically telling the new young actor in the leather jacket to deploy his own damn grappling hook.

Unfortunately, Arnett was replaced last week by Val Kilmer, largely because of a conflicting voiceover contract he has with a major car company. When the movie airs this weekend, no one will be able to hear Arnett’s velvety voice - unless, of course, you’re a regular visitor to the MTV Movies Blog.

“It was like ‘Michael…Michael, it’s K.I.T.T,’” Arnett revealed to us recently, giving an exclusive peek at the voiceover lines he had recorded. Just press “play” on the video, and you’ll get yourself a peek.

Unfortunately, we don’t remember original K.I.T.T. actor William Daniels sounding quite so…well…effeminate. “[The producers] were like, ‘That’s amazing, we’re going to get right back to you’,” Arnett remembered of his audition. “So I was like, ‘This is a done deal!’”

Still, Arnett thinks his interpretation of the world’s most famous talking car would’ve worked. “That was an older English gentleman,” he insisted, denying any lack of masculinity. “Yeah, it was a bummer that it didn’t happen. It was going to be fun.”

What do you think of Arnett’s K.I.T.T.? Do you prefer him, or Kilmer as the voice?

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