Saturday, February 9, 2008

‘Twilight’ Gets Fresh Blood With Anna Kendrick, Justin Chon - SendMeRSS

Anna KendrickBy now, you may have noticed that our recently posted “Twilight” interview has made MTV Movies Blog history with more than 700 fan comments! After all the news we’ve broken about superheroes, Harry Potter and Corey Haim (OK, maybe not him), suffice it to say we were floored by all the die-hard fans who are obviously eager to discuss the flick, which doesn’t even begin shooting until later this month.

Now we’ve got some exclusive casting news to once again stir the pot: Up-and-coming actors Anna Kendrick (”Rocket Science”) and Justin Chon (”Just Jordan”) have been cast as Jessica Stanley and Eric Yorkie, respectively. Head on over to the MTV Movies site for all that news, plus fresh quotes from Kristen on why “Twilight” ain’t no kiddie flick.

More casting announcements are expected to be made in the next few weeks, including the key roles of Jacob Black, Sam Uley, Emily Young and Alice Cullen.

Which actors would you cast in these pivotal “Twilight” roles? Keep the comments coming, and be sure to check back with us throughout the casting and filming, as we’ll continue to bring you everything on Edward and Bella!

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User comment: By: Annie
I saw Kendrick at a screening for 'Rocket Science' at the LA Film Festival and she's a talented actress. :0) As for the film makers casting Eric the nerdy dork as an Asian, I'm not surprised!
User comment: By: Kat
What is up with all the roles of greasy-haired guys with poor complexion given to Asians?
User comment: By: Kaylyn
i love the choices for bella and edward .. robert especially for edward who is the closest living thing to and edward in my mind ... and kristan (sp?) will be awesome too .. when i re-read eclipse i dunno for the 10th time i always picture those two (ok well me instead of kristian but u get the picture lol.. noone can replace robert) for billy i would choose - edgar Montrose older jacob - Adam beach ( maybe hes a bit older but you never no what u can do for lights )
User comment: By: evilbananas
i don't want robert pattinson to play him!!! DAMN!!!i want colton haynes!!
User comment: By: Ally
For all you fans... Sam IS in Twilight! He's in the scene with Bella and Jacob at the beach! C'mon people! Emily isn't mentioned until New Moon, yes, but Sam is actually in Twilight and Bella talks to him. I'm pretty sure he's the one who says to Bella that the Cullen's aren't welcomed on the Quileute land... u.u; Can't wait for the movie! w000t!
User comment: By: ElinorWiseman
Kiersten Koppel is ALICE!!! check her out here... just imagine her with short spikey hair. I love Robert, still not so sure about Kristen. Guess I'll have to wait and see the trailor
User comment: By: Hannah
I think Rachel Leigh Cook should play Alice... She'd be perfect for it.
User comment: By: Gaby.
the cast soo far is okay, i still dont like edward tho, i think they %?#?~? him up bad!, but oh well there is nothing i can do know. lol i love bella tho kristian stuart is wonderful. and jessica is okay...but since when is eric asian??...thats stupid!....=/ *sigh* hopfully they dont ??*~ up the movie TOO BAD!.
User comment: By: >_
i hope rachel leigh cook gets to be alice ^0^ she's perfect >___
These are the most amazing books in the world i cant wait for the movie !
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