Saturday, February 9, 2008

Movie Trailer: Al Pacino In ‘88 Minutes’ - SendMeRSS

Considering Al Pacino has been a bit more restrained when picking scripts compared to his contemporary Robert De Niro, we can actually get excited when a new project of his rolls around. That said, we’ll see what he does with “88 Minutes,” where Pacino plays a forensic psychiatrist who’s given 88 minutes to avoid his own murder. Watch the trailer below, and then click here to see more of the week’s other new trailer offerings.

Link - Comments - Brian Jacks - Fri, 08 Feb 2008 07:42:40 GMT - Feed (1 subs)
User comment: By: Dutch Engstrom
There's one reason why, fella: HOO-AH!!!! That's why.
User comment: By: Chris
I saw this today, I'm just wondering why the trailer is posted if it's already out on DVD
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