Friday, February 15, 2008

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Now that the strike is over it seems everyone is out of the gate and hit the ground running. “It” boy of the year Shia LaBeouf has seen the script and has been told what is expected of him and he is all geared up and jones over Transformers 2.

Cinematical Says:

The young star spoke to Empire recently, and seems to be pretty far along in preparations for the sequel. He says, “I know of a few things I have to work on for the next one. I’ve seen pre-vizes of the action scenes and I just saw Michael yesterday. It’s going to be bad-ass. We’re not making another one unless it is, and Mike is definitely not resting on his laurels - he’s doing insane shit again. And the pre-vizes that I’ve seen… it’s just massive. If the first one was any indicator of how massive massive can be, this is going to blow that out of the water. It’s insane.”

Oh I am sure that despite Shia getting excited about this movie there will still be decenters who want to dig up the same old complaints, but it seems like the things that made Transformers a fun movie will be bigger and better in the sequel.

One of the things I like is that they will delve a little more into their personalities. Give a little more something to set them apart. Then watch them blow shit up.

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User comment: By: DJ Machismo
I personally don't understand all of the naysayers at all. Does anyone go to the movies anymore to be entertained? To have fun? Do they all expect everything to be a moving experience and the best movie the film community has ever seen? Movies are made for two reasons, to make money and to entertain people (which makes money). Do everyone a favor and just enjoy the damn movies, you spend the time to watch, so people might as well stop acting like they are the world's best critic and enjoy the damn movie as opposed to nitpicking every little detail.
User comment: By: Ric Ocasek
I just hope the word "massive" isn't code for incoherent.
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