Friday, February 15, 2008

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John Cena looks to be staring in a cop movie called 12 Rounds. Its a cop movie, so does that mean 12 Rounds of bullets, or does this cop end up in some sort of combat tournament consisting of 12 rounds.

Coming Soon says:

According to Variety, the story centers on a New Orleans police detective (Cena) whose girlfriend is kidnapped. Harlin will direct the $20 million pic from a script by Daniel Kunka.Production starts Feb. 25 in New Orleans. It’s WWE’s first project to film in the U.S., with previous pics shot in Australia.

John Cena may not be having as good of a transition from Wrestler to Movie Star as Dwayne Johnson, but he seems to be doing alright. Nothing makes me happier than to see non actors become movie stars. Wrestling is half acting anyways so I see WWE stars has half actors.

If this movie is about a fighting tournament, clearly a wrestler is a good choice. But at least we can be promised a whole lot of ass kicking and action. Hell, even an action cop movie would get the same results. With any luck we can get a good movie in the process.

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User comment: By: kevin powers
and beyond the similarities, his last movie gives no indication that this will be ANY good. it's amazing that someone looks at the variables here and agrees to spend $20 million
User comment: By: @spence
@ Donald.... damn it you beat me too it, when i was reading this...i was like, "wait a second, this sounds awfully familiar." Like you said, this is exactly like the marine, except Cena is a cop.
User comment: By: DONALD
Wait? Isn't that the EXACT same plot of his last film. So much so that I doubled checked to see if there was a glitch on TMB. I thought it was an old post from a few years ago. This is MARINE except this time we can call it COP.
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