Friday, February 1, 2008

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Didya hear? Sarah Silverman is F–king Matt Damon. Damon has long been the punchline of a running joke in Silverman's boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel’s sign-off (”Apologies to Matt Damon, we’ve run out of time!”). To celebrate their 5th anniversary, Silverman performs a song abiout her torrid affair with The Bourne Identity star.

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[...] as I'm writing this, the video just popped up over at Entertainment Weekly and Slashfilm as well. They both say it's a long-running Kimmel Show punch line, so there ya go. But [...]
User comment: By: LP
Matt Damon was good in Stuck On You. Perhaps he needs to hook up with Judd Apatow for his next movie.
[...] Sarah Silverman and Matt Damon | /Film [...]
User comment: By: Jacobi
I freaking love this. I wish Damon would make more comedies. I think he has great timing and an awesome sense of humor.
User comment: By: The Dude
That was damn good. I find her very annoying but Damon was hilarious in that. I agree that it makes you respect someone more when they don't take everything so serious. That was very similar to MD's performance as the lead singer in the band on EuroTrip. He sang Scotty Doesn't Know which was another song about him bangin someone else's girlfriend.
User comment: By: SR
knew damon was a top laugh, he did his own impression of the "Matt Damon" line from Team America here in the UK on Radio 1. Needless to say it was classic and just showed how the guy doesn't take himself serious. The only problem now is that tune is pretty catchy and if i guy starts humming that, i'm sure they'll get some seriously odd looks.
User comment: By: Robert
It is mystefying.
User comment: By: jerry seinfeld
i'm still at a loss why sarah is dating that no-talent hack jimmy. she's a million times more funny than he is... scratch that. million X zero = zero. so. let's just say, she's hilarious; and jimmy is a no-talent, unfunny hack - did you see how much he contributed to that clip? a cardboard cutout of the late johnny carson would've been funnier.
User comment: By: Enrique
I knew Matt Damon was PIMP, been mackin' all the honeys since he made the scene!
User comment: By: DREW
one of the funniest things ive ever seen...
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