Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Samuel L. Jackson May Return As Mace Windu In ‘Star Wars’ CGI Series - SendMeRSS

You’ve got to admire any actor who essentially told George Lucas he’d be happy to do anything in a “Star Wars” movie. And not only that, but Samuel L. Jackson is sounding like he’s still up for being a part of the franchise in whatever form it takes.

As we all know the “Star Wars” saga is far from over with not one but two television series in development. The live action series is set to take place after the events of Episode III meaning a Mace Windu appearance ain’t looking so likely BUT there’s always the new CGI animated Clone Wars series.

And Sam Jackson sounds game to return.”Yeah, absolutely,” Jackson told MTV News today when asked if he’s interested in voicing the Mace Windu character in the new series. “I would love to,” Jackson said when asked if he’s ready to be the ill-fated Jedi warrior once again. Most exciting of all? Jackson confirmed that Lucas and company have expressed interest. “I have talked to them about it,” he said.”A lot of people love that character,” Jackson continued, pondering the continuing adventures of the only Jedi on record to wield a purple lightsaber.

Is the force with this idea? How would you like to hear Sam Jackson’s one of a kind voice give life to Mace Windu once again? And what kind of adventures would you like to Mace Windu engage in? Sound off.

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User comment: By: Jonathan Williams
I mean really, in the movie, we never got real confirmation that Mace Windu was dead. And being the special Jedi that He is, (he holds a purple lightsaber!)we dont kno if he has the ability to mask his force sensitive-ness. Theres alot of possibilities, all we know was that he got a little force-shocked and thrown out a window , so, Its Up to the creative minds at Lucas Arts. If any body has any ideas /info about this topic my emails hiliter724@yahoo.com NO SPAM!
User comment: By: A/C
It would be great to have Sam as Mace Windu again. I read the Star Wars book "Shatterpoint" that featured Mace as the main character and it was by far one of the most force packed books out there. Mace was also pretty awesome in the short cartoons where they showed him demolishing a whole battalion of battle droids single handed. Hopefully the new CGI animations do justice to the raw strength and power of a great character.
User comment: By: darthmintira
I'm down with Mace!
User comment: By: Darthfear3
User comment: By: Gondolierr's
It would be great to have Sam Jackson involved in the Clone Wars Animated Series. Pity they can't get some of the other actors back as well like Christohper Lee and Ian McDiarmid, that would be cool! Anthony Daniels is voicing See-Threepio, so it should be alright!
User comment: By: Sompeetalay
That would really be cool to see Sam Jackson do the voice of Mace once more ! :)
User comment: By: Thommy
Hell's yeah! Sammy IS Mace Windu!
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