Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Brian Cox and Josh Lucas Summon Poe For ‘Tell-Tale’ Re-Imagining - SendMeRSS

Josh LucasReporting by Kelsey Kernstine

When we were at Sundance, we broke the news that veteran “Bourne” actor Brian Cox would be re-teaming with Paul Dano for the flick “The Good Heart.” Now, he’s revealing another new movie that confirms what the character actor’s loyal fans have known for years: This guy’s got a lotta heart.

“It’s funny,” he laughed. “I’m doing two movies about hearts.”

Cox is joining “Sweet Home Alabama” star Josh Lucas for “Tell-Tale,” a modern-day re-imagining of Edgar Allen Poe’s classic tale of a man’s murderous tendencies haunting him from beyond the grave.

Unlike “The Good Heart,” Cox will not be taking any homeless boys under his wing. Rather, he will be scouring the city for a vengeful psychopath with no control over his own carnal urges.

“It’s a retelling of Edgar Allen Poe’s ‘The Tell-Tale Heart,” enthused Lucas, also up at Sundance to promote his film “Death in Love.” “[’Tale’] is a modern-telling of it, about a man who gets a heart transplant, and then [after] the heart transplant, the heart that he gets makes him take revenge on what happened to [the donor] at the end of his life.”

“The guy gets a heart that is the heart of somebody who was murdered,” Cox added. “And the heart knows who the murderer is.”

Cox, up at Sundance to support his two (!) films — “Red” and “The Escapist” — said he signed onto “Tell-Tale” because it reminded him of the 1995 thriller “Se7en,” with a twist.

“I am playing the old cop, like the Morgan Freeman part in 'Se7en’ who comes in and tries to solve the case,” he revealed. “[The mystery is about] how this surgeon is finding body parts and bumping people off.”

The film will reunite Cox with the filmmaker behind his 2001 cult classic “L.I.E.,” is produced by super-producing siblings Ridley and Tony Scott, and is budgeted at a modest $20 million. Mixing modern science with old-school Edgar Allen, the flick hopes to find a tone similar to films like “Jacob’s Ladder.”

“It’s a very interesting film,” Lucas grinned, looking forward to stepping on set soon with his newly-cast co-star.

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