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Quaid Knows Which ‘G.I. Joe’ Characters Are In The Movie — And Knowing Is Half The Battle - SendMeRSS

In my mind, G.I. Joe was always cooler than the Transformers. All those personalities, all those cool specialties, all those theatrical supervillains eager to betray each other at any moment. Which is why it seems weird that so many are looking at the “G.I. Joe” movie as if it were the “Biker Boyz” to Shia LaBeouf’s “The Fast & the Furious.” Even stranger still is that so many iconic Joes are receiving a “No!” rather than a “Yo!”

Quaid is getting ready to portray General Hawk and said he’ll be giving the character a makeover to transform him into a Hefner-like playboy. As for his fellow Joes? “We’ll have the whole crowd. Destro, the bad guys — they're all there,” Quaid assured me. But, following up on some recent rumors I’d heard, I was still intent to toss out a few of my all-time favorite playthings (hear which characters make the cut after the jump).

Evil twins Tomax and Xamot? “They're not there,” he said, thinking back to the script. “They may be in the second one, though.”

Shipwreck? Wild Bill? “Not in the first one,” Quaid revealed. “No.”

Sigh. While some fans on the Web are arguing that a smaller Joe team (and a smaller Cobra) will keep the movie focused, I disagree. From “There’s No Place Like Springfield” (Starring Shipwreck!) to “Lights! Camera! Cobra!,” the best Joe cartoons boasted a dozen or more characters. Quaid revealed that he has signed on to three “Joe” films, so why not create a “Star Wars”-like universe with all those colorful characters, even if some are strictly background in the first flick?

“‘G.I. Joe’ is kind of close to James Bond, the old James Bond with Dr. No,” Quaid said of the script he’ll begin shooting soon. “[Cobra is like] S.P.E.C.T.R.E., where they take over an entire island and are a sort of crime country unto themselves.”

Well, at least we have this: While Quaid revealed that he never gets to scream the battle cry “Yo Joe!” in the film, he will have the honor of delivering another classic G.I. Joe phrase.

“I say: ‘Knowing is half the battle,’ ” Quaid revealed, flashing his trademark grin.

I know I’m gonna regret asking this question, but: Am I crazy? Are you guys as bothered as I am that these and so many other classic Joes (Roadblock, Lady Jaye, Flint, Gung-Ho, Bazooka, the Dreadnoks, Major Bludd) are apparently getting the heave ho?

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User comment: By: The Mitchell
Its too bad- no shipwreck, no dusty, I mean, I hear Cobra Commander has no lines, and did you see the kid playing him! Give me a break. They better not mess with Destro's voice. No scrap-iron? c'mon!! OK, I like the drednocks and zartan idea. but they really need to bring more characters in, let everyone know the power of this enterprise. GI JOE will dominate!
User comment: By: DrunkenNinja
Who cares about Twilight? Seriously a silly vampire romance film? Obviously targeted at the 13-16 year olds.. Bring on the GI Joes!
User comment: By: KIA GREGORY
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