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Nikki Reed Sees ‘Twilight’ As Vampire Film Adds To Cast - SendMeRSS

Nikki ReedMuch like Bella’s eye-opening journey to Port Angeles, the past few weeks have been filled with revelations for “Twilight” fans everywhere. Now, as cameras officially begin rolling on the eagerly-anticipated vampire flick, four more actors have been added to the cast.

MTV News has confirmed exclusively that Nikki Reed (”Thirteen”), Rachelle Lefevre (”What About Brian”), Cam Cigandet (”The O.C.”) and Michael Welch (”Joan of Arcadia”) have been cast in the flick based on Stephenie Meyer’s #1 bestseller. The actors will be playing the key series roles of Rosalie, Victoria, James and Mike Newton, respectively.

“Twilight” is currently beginning production in the Portland, Oregon area, and is targeting a late-2008/early-2009 release.

Head on over to our main movie site for the full scoop on all the new vampires and humans. In addition, the mysterious Cullen family are expected to be revealed next week (possibly with the first photo from the film), and soon afterwards we can expect names for the roles of such key characters as Jasper Hale, Billy Black, Jacob Black and Charlie Swan.

Which actors would you cast in those remaining roles? How do you feel about the additions of Nikki Reed and the others?

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User comment: By: Juno
I'm alright with the cast, but nikki reeds is fugly!! I really wanted the girl who plays Olivia in She's the Man to play her!! and I really want Emmy Rossum to play Esme!!
User comment: By: Kassy
I hear that Kellan Lutz has been added to the list, who's he playing?
User comment: By: guada
I love the kid that's gonna be Jasper, Victoria is too sweet looking for me, but she's ok. Now Nikki doesn't look like I pictured Rosalie. You see, Rosalie was supposed to be blonde and pale and completely stunning. More like the girl Stephenie had said she liked, Joanna Krupa, not her but someone who looks like her... there are a lot of pretty blondes who'd fit her better... maybe if Nikki could dye her hair, maybe it'll work. I don't know, my first reaction is no way.
User comment: By: JAX
I'm very excited for the movie! I am glad that we are going to see some semi new faces, and I wish them luck to live up to the expectations of fans of the wonderful world of twilight.
User comment: By: Taxi
Haha. Hostile much? (Directed at various comments above.) I love the cast as a whole, some are questionable, but I have faith. There's no gettin' me down. I'm definitely excited.
User comment: By: Liza
Okay, no offense to whoever cast those people as Victoria, Rosalie, James, and Mike, but...IS THIS A JOKE? First of all, Victoria is scary feline looking, not redhead girl next door... Rosalie is offense...and just isn't described like that... I actually think the actors cast as James and Mike are good for the role, but the girls? What are they thinking?
User comment: By: Mattie
It's not the fact that Nikki Reed was cast, it's the fact that she was cast because of her relations with the director. And I can see her as Rosalie, I just hate that the only main reason she probably was cast was because of Catherine. I'm sure she can pull of Rosalie, just as most of the cast picked because they were picked based on acting ability, not looks alone which can easily be changed. So, I think this movie will turn out okay, but it's not going to be what we all imagined it would be. Expectations a bit high, much?
User comment: By: Rachel
:) I have no complaints on the cast. The cast was chosen because the casting director thought they could do the job. They all have the ability to act, and the casting director is a professional and knows what he/she is doing. He chose them for a reason, he wants the movie to be Great, just like you and I do.
User comment: By: lindy
hello people? has no on ever heard of hair dye and makeup? ok so stop saying "she's brunette" and "her skin is too dark." nikki reed is pretty, i think she will be a good rosalie. the choice i'm not so happy about is ashley greene for alice. unless hollywood is truly magical, they can't change the fact that she is 5'5". (alice is 4'10") and i hope she loses some weight, alice is really skinny! i like most all the other choices so far.
User comment: By: Callie
hmm i like all the cast! cause honestly no one will look like i picture it or anyone pictures it. so i think everyone should stop complaining. really alll these people are beautiful. and i hate seeing how everyone thinks henry cavil would do good! he too old stephenie's page ever said it goodness. and seriously danielle panabaker? no too disney and ellen whatever from juno? not a chance! bella is plain jane and kristen i love her! and hmm i dont like the jasper choice but i think it will work somehow,hollywood has makeup and yeauhh i think mtv and summit will do good! and if your all so pissed about the choices dont see the movie. there this was annoyingly long but still [:
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