Friday, February 15, 2008

The Dailies: February 14, 2008 - SendMeRSS

Hugh Jackman- If Logan is flying solo, can we refer to him as an ex-X-man? Cameras have begun rolling on “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” (USA Today)

- Which will be better, “Hulk” or “Hellboy”? The big-guy battle is already brewing (FilmStew)

- Phuket, Thailand! Director Jason Reitman insists there’ll never be a “Juno” sequel (Dark Horizons)

- Not as tasty as Necco heart-shaped candies, but what do you want for nothing? Dazzle your valentine with e-cards promoting the upcoming flicks “Get Smart” and “Hellboy II”.

- Why is Will Ferrell so damn amazing? The comedy superstar answers these and other questions during his “Funny or Die” comedy tour (Funny Or Die)

- Has “Prom Night” star Kellan Lutz signed on to the vampire blockbuster “Twilight”? BloodyDisgusting seems to think so (Bloody-Disgusting).

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