Friday, February 1, 2008

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John Rambo-4-1
It looks like the Military Junta of Myanmar is concerned about the spread of Rambo bootlegs and has decided to ban the film. We get wind of this news from the freedom fighting caves of yahoo:

Police in Myanmar have given DVD hawkers strict orders not to stock the new Rambo movie, which features the Vietnam War veteran taking on the former Burma’s ruling military junta, a Yangon resident told Reuters on Friday. Despite the prohibition, pirated copies of the movie are widely available on the streets of the former capital, where it is fast becoming a talking point among a population eager to shake off 45 years of military rule.

“People are going crazy with the quote ‘Live for nothing, die for something’,” one resident said, referring to the tagline of the fourth Rambo installment, which opened in the United States this week. Even though it received lukewarm reviews, it is likely to be a sure-fire hit with opponents of the junta, with some even hoping it could spur a change of regime in the impoverished southeast Asian nation.

I think it is awesome that Rambo is igniting the flames of revolution in Mynmar. The fact that the tagline for the movie is catching on like wildfire is kick-ass! Every person the seeks uprising now has Rambo as a hero. If underground archery classes in Burma begin to take off - the Junta is in some serious shit! When the regime is finally removed from power I wonder if Rambo will be cited as a catalyst for change.

Movies can get people riled up, If I lived in Myanmar, and the government told me that I can’t watch Rambo…..the next day all I would do is watch Rambo, all day long. Rambo ends with you being so amped from an orgy of violence that you either want nothing to do with war; or you want to start one. For those already looking to wage war in the region, this film is better positive affirmation than Tony Robbins.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. I think censorship is bullshit, but in Myanmar it is the best advertising the film could have.

Live for nothing, die for something - John J Rambo

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User comment: By: frankwolftown
I wouldn;t be surprised if something like Rambo did become a catalyst for change. The television show Dallas was cited for the downfall of the Romanian Communist Regime.
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