Friday, February 1, 2008

Lisa Kurow Joins Musical “Will” - SendMeRSS

Lisa-Kudrow-Will.jpgI don’t mind musicals. As a matter of fact, they can be terrific. But they’re just like any other movie… there are good ones and bad ones, and each needs to be judged on their own merrits (Moulin Rouge is one of my all time favorite films). Looks like there is another musical in the works called “Will”.

Yahoo Movies gives us this:

“Lisa Kudrow and Liam Aiken will star in the musical coming-of-age comedy-drama “Will.” Written by Todd Graff and Josh Cagan, the script centers on a high school outcast and a popular girl who form an unlikely bond through their shared love of music. They assemble a like-minded crew of misfits and form a rock group to perform in a battle-of-the-bands competition at their school.”

I’ve got to tell you I’ve got a whole new found respect for Lisa Kudrow. I saw her a few months ago in this FANTASTIC little Indie comedy called “Kabluey” at the San Diego Film Festival and ever since then I’ve been curious to see what she does next as she’s entered this new stage of her career.

Having said that… this musical “Will” sounds dumb as hell to me.

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