Friday, February 1, 2008

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Ironman-Poster-RoughIt looks like Marvel is digging deep into their advertising pockets and putting up cash for an Iron Man Superbowl spot. We get the details from our friends at movieweb:

Marvel Entertainment and Paramount Pictures announced today that they are gearing up to unleash a new Iron Man commercial during the February 3rd airing of the Super Bowl. It will air at approximately 4:30 pm EST during the game between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants.

Marvel will have a teaser of the footage on their website this friday, February 1st. Once it airs on television, you will be able to download the spot on,, and Iron Man’s official website.

I don’t watch a lot of sports; but seldom do I miss a superbowl. As the biggest TV event of the year, the advertising is expensive, and the commercials rule! I think it is a great move on their part to get this spot and am certain it will reap hearty benefits. I was going to watch anyway - but it is cool that they gave us a heads up on the time. I would hate to miss the spot due to a bathroom break.

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User comment: By: John
Thats gonna be sweet, the movie looks cool. Here's the United Way Superbowl commercial that I found on YouTube
User comment: By: Kristina
Is the entire commercial going to be Iron Man posing and Downey giving the Hitler salute, because that's all I've seen from this film.
User comment: By: Mr.Death
Wow, that's kinda early! I doubt I'll even be watching, although I might turn it on just to see it.
User comment: By: jordan
i can't weight this is a good idea to averties at the superbowel
User comment: By: Simon
check out this photo
User comment: By: dougnagy
maybe they meant PST? I will have to check
User comment: By: James
4:30 pm EST?! Is that correct? The game itself doesn't even kick off until 6:17 pm. Weird!
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