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Elijah Wood Calls Guillermo Del Toro Perfect for ‘Hobbit’ - SendMeRSS

Elijah WoodWhen word came last month that “Hellboy” director Guillermo del Toro was eyeing a voyage to Middle-earth, loyal fans of J.R.R. Tolkien’s lengendarium reacted with general approval and glee. If they couldn’t have Peter Jackson, then here, at least, was the next best thing.

You know what? Frodo himself agrees.

“I think [Guillermo’s] the perfect choice,” “Lord of the Rings” star Elijah Wood told MTV News. “I think he would certainly honor the previous work that Peter had done.”

For Wood, and others like Orlando Bloom, Viggo Mortensen, Sean Astin and Cate Blanchett, that was precisely the issue that held up their promised involvement with “The Hobbit” — again and again actors from the original trilogy told us they would only come back with Jackson’s blessing and involvement.

Now with the tag team of Jackson and del Toro seemingly together at last after an arduous court battle held up filming, that shouldn’t be a problem, Wood said, reiterating his enthusiasm to return to the world of the Shire.

“He hasn’t [talked to me yet about coming back], no. I think they’re just literally trying to figure it all out and work out who’s gonna do it and who’s gonna write it, but if it happens [that they want me]?” Wood said. “I’d certainly [return].”

As the men of Gondor say to Frodo: “Praise him. Praise him with great praise.”

But what do you think? Agree or disagree with Wood, sound off on Guillermo directing “The Hobbit” below.

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User comment: By: Olorin
I'm a little scared with respect to how Elijah Wood or Sean Astin are going to re-appear in The Hobbit, since according to the original Tolkien story line their characters aren't even supposed to be born yet! And though my memory might be failing me, I'm rather certain that both Viggo (as Aragorn) and Cate (as Galadriel) would also be a stretch, since I don't recall either actually appearing in any live-action scenes within the original story (i.e The Hobbit.) And come to think of it, I don't recall Legolas playing any role whatsoever; at best Orlando might appear in a cameo amid Thranduil's forest feast...
User comment: By: Mithrandir
Peter did a good job with a great work, but there were mistakes. Gandalf's magic was a little TOO subtle for one. The Fire Enchantments for which The Gray Wanderer was so famed "From Rivendell to The Mouths of Anduin," is both more prominent and consequential in The Hobbit, and need be present. In the bridge we should finally see Glorfindel, and get a little better explication of why the finding of the One, wheter reclaimed or destroyed, was as the footsteps of doom for The Elves, connected to their fading and departing. All that said, for the most parts, the films were beautiful. With Jackson's direction, Del Toro should perform wonderfully, and maybe will avoid those choice mistakes that Jackson did make. Above all else, though,aside from them being done well, for which Jackson's direction is not a mandate, I want to see them sooner for later. The desire is great. Let the conflicts be cleared up with all quickness, and let us get our great movies ON TIME!
User comment: By: ringsfan
This production needs to have the same values as Lord of the Rings and must be made with the original actors in their own roles. Michael Gambon is an excellent actor but he is not as good as Richard Harris in the role of Dumbledore in the Harry Potter films.I hope there will be no further delays.Peter Jackson, Fran & Philippa must have ultimate control because they respect Tolkien.
User comment: By: Grey Pilgrim
And dwarves, and Trolls! :(
User comment: By: periantari
Del Toro will honor PJ's work, but will he honor TOLKIEN'S? It'll be interesting to see how Elijah would be cast though...
User comment: By: Jim Dorey
There is no one better than Jackson and by the time this lawsuit is settled (1 to 2 years) then Jackson will have the time to do it and do it right in 3D. Onward and upward. Jim Dorey 3D Movies and Technology
It sounds like everything is going well.. I'm really hoping that Elijah Wood will have a part in the upcoming Hobit movie.. He's a teriffic actor and would be a great asset to the film..
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