Friday, February 22, 2008

Did Michel Gondry Steal Idea For ‘Be Kind Rewind’? - SendMeRSS

All the great masters crib ideas from others: “Casablanca” was adapted from a failed play, “Hamlet” from a Norse work called “Ur-Hamlet” (subtle work with the title there, Shakespeare), but could Michel Gondry have stolen the idea for “Be Kind, Rewind” from…Amanda Bynes?

That’s the rumor going around today after an 8-year-old clip from her eponymous Nickelodeon comedy show began circulating around the interwebs. The two-minute clip basically shows Amanda working behind a video store counter, repeatedly telling customers that their versions of rented movies (which she has sweded with her brother) are “better” than the originals. So yeah, it’s got a video store, shabby looking remade movies by the staff, and some complaining customers.

Which all adds up to…nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Look, here’s the deal. I swear on everything I hold sacred that I came up with the idea for “The Amazing Race” before Jerry Bruckheimer. I was at a train station with a friend in Salzburg, Austria when it hit me. I wrote it down. This actually happened.

It doesn’t mean I should sue CBS. Some ideas are just out there, independently striking those willing to be inspired. Within months of each other, there were two meteors hitting the Earth movies for goodness sakes. Right now, there are two competing films moving forward on Leonard Chess. And, before I interviewed one of the stars, I had never even HEARD of Leonard Chess.

But there’s more: an idea is only as good as it’s presented anyway. We don’t read “Ur-Hamlet” now and do you know why? Because it sucked.

Remaking movies with a low budget? In the hands of Amanda Bynes? Ok, sorta cute and funny. But in the hands of Michel Gondry? Much, much more.

But what do you think? Should Miss Bynes start collecting royalties? Is Michel a thief? Sound off below.

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User comment: By: Sean Krause
I doubt Goundry copied off of Bynes, if this is Amanda Bynes attempt to be a legit actor by saying someone actually watched her show, I'm sorry, I don't by it. All this does is hype the film and put Bynes is the headlines, since her last disaster film tanked. "Be Kind, Rewind" was funny, Amanda's show was a disaster. As a kid, I stayed away from it, I'm sure Goundry is not a thief.
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