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Under the Same Moon Trailer

This is just one of those trailers you need to check out. Under the Same Moon is a Mexican movie about a boy and his mother who are separated when his mother goes to work in America. From the trailer alone it has a feeling very similar to Cinema Paradiso, which is odd considering they actually mention Cinema Paradiso in the trailer. This premiered at Sundance last year and has been waiting to be released until this March, and now I think I'm actually going to go see it. If it's as good as the trailer makes it seem, it could be a hidden little gem that I'll be glad to have found.

Watch the trailer for Under the Same Moon:

preview image

Under the Same Moon is directed by budding filmmaker Patricia Riggen, who has only directed a couple of shorts previously. The script was written by Ligiah Villalobos, of One World and the kids TV show "Go, Diego! Go!". Under the Same Moon arrives in limited theaters on March 19th.

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Link - Comments - Alex Billington - Thu, 07 Feb 2008 11:36:05 GMT - Feed (2 subs)
User comment: By: taurinh
Looks fantastic, i love stories with heart and this looks like it has it! I also love up and coming film makers who have not been corrupted by hollywood and who keep their medium pure and close to their heart. It's their passion that inspires people to keep pursuing the dream of making a movie. And its people like you alex who give them a chance to be seen by tons of people who would otherwise miss out on opportunities to have their art shown. I appreciate what you do, being someone who wants to make a mark some day doing production and editing.
User comment: By: pFOX
I thought this movie looked great when I saw the trailer before Juno.
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