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We know not to trust too many unconfirmed reports, but this rumor is just too good to pass up. I really doubt that it's true (but I would be happy to be proven wrong), but at least it's a good one to discuss. IESB is reporting that Venom from the Spider-Man universe is getting his own spin-off stand alone movie. The only thing that's officially reported is that they've "confirmed that 'the studio' has met recently with several 'A list writers' about a spin-off film." As to which studio or even any more details than that, there is nothing, which makes me think this whole rumor isn't very sound. Know before you even read on that we're not trying to claim that this is true, but we're just discussing it simply for fun.

Venom is a villain from the Spider-Man universe that was spawned after an alien symbiote attached itself to Spider-Man. Once Spider-Man shed himself of the symbiote, the alien life form had gained the same powers as Spider-Man and passed them on to another host. The most well-known human host was Eddie Brock, who wore the symbiote suit and was transformed into Venom. The character is commonly known as Spider-Man's arch-enemy and is a super villain in the Marvel universe.

IESB claims that the project is moving forward at Marvel Productions, who recently signed an interim agreement with the WGA in order to continue work on their projects despite that the writers strike hasn't been fully resolved. This does technically mean that Marvel could be meeting with writers and working on scripts for any of its projects, but this doesn't mean that a Venom spin-off is one of them. Initially the rights to a Venom movie were owned by New Line Cinema, but since then they have reverted back to Marvel. And considering Marvel Productions as a company of its own is really ramping up its films, who knows whether a Venom spin-off is realistically in their sights or not.

This whole rumor seems very far fetched. Not only are they working on a Spider-Man 4, which is apparently a true rumor, but a spin-off movie based on a villain that was both well established and killed in the last movie just doesn't make sense. Of course they can break off from the Spider-Man universe that Sam Raimi created, but I think Marvel is smarter than that (look what happened to DC and Justice League). On the other hand, the biggest hype on Spider-Man 3 came from Venom. He was the key to their marketing and he was the essential part that made it so damn financially successful, despite the bad reviews. I easily remember seeing more Venom shirts at the midnight showings of Spider-Man 3 than Spider-Man shirts! So when you look at it that way, financially speaking, a Venom spin-off could be successful.

If they did do a Venom movie, what kind of story would it have? Could there be the possibility of exploring the characters of Carnage or Scorpion? Would Spider-Man even be involved? I haven't heard of a very big blockbuster that's based around a villainous character. Most movies are based around a hero or a good guy, or even just a protagonist, even if he's not all that good. With Venom, would they turn it into a movie where Venom escapes being caught and goes on rampages? Will someone please clarify this and pitch a good idea for a story!

As much as I'd love this rumor to be true and Marvel to try exploring a darker comic book character, I really don't think it would happen even if it was true that they were considering the possibility. I really hope I'm wrong, but I fear this is just a big rumor. However, that doesn't mean it's not fun to consider the idea and dream big dreams of Venom wreaking havoc on the big screen; that is, a lot more havoc than he wreaked in Spider-Man 3! I thought Topher Grace did a great job as Eddie Brock and eventually Venom, but there is a LOT more to explore with the character. What are your thoughts?

Thanks to Thunderlips from deviantArt for the awesome Venom drawing.

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User comment: By: Batzarro
It'd be cool. Venom can be an antihero of sorts.
User comment: By: Joe Ortega
It would be interesting, but I think they should just continue where they left off in "Spider-man 3" and somehow a peice of symbiote is still alive and would lead to the birth of carnage. Im sure they can figure it out. I hope.
User comment: By: Nick Antonas
still venom is sweet and i think he is just as cool if not cooler than spiderman
User comment: By: Kevin Johnson
Terrible idea...Venom is not worth a starring role. Used as villian is enough. Bring him back in another Spider-Man movie or show the true origin in a Secret Wars movie but after that I'm against a Venom solo movie. I've been reading comics since I was 13 and after 23 years of that I'd have to say that there are at least 1,000 characters that are more interesting and deserving of a solo movie. I hope they don't do this. - Kevin Johnson
User comment: By: Aburto
It sounds nice.. and dangerous. The evil roll in the Spiderman saga is only cause spiderman exists. In a solo venom universe, it could turn into a "the fugitive" kinda movie. Like "Catch Me If You Can" but in a very, very dark sense. And, if the idea is making more than only 1 movie, they can explore and twist the carnage story making it as a venom event. Topher Grace MUST be involved... imagine Logan without Hugh Jackman.
User comment: By: CSpuppydog
Well Heckle the thing about Venom is that he isn't really a super-mega-evil force... in the older Spider-Man comics he is sort of a good guy and goes around saving people... he juts hates Spider-Man more than he wants to save people and isn't as forgiving... But I think if they do it right, like completly ignore Spider-man 3 and retell Venom's origin and cast someone else as Venom, it could be ok.
User comment: By: Heckle
Theres is a problem with making a villain movie. You have to want to root for the villain. And Venom really doesnt have any likable qualities. So what would the plot be?
User comment: By: kcrazy monkey
i think it would be amasing if they produce a whole film based around venom. who is to say that he died at the end of spiderman 3? he just vanished. but wouldnt it be cool to carry on the story from there with venom, he has had everything taken away from him by spiderman his arch-enemy, so dont you think he would be just a bit pissed of but excuse my language i would be fucking mental! just think of it, he unleashes his rage and all his pain and setting out to gane his revenge, all the good scenes there could be in the film. we all know that venom is much stronger than spidy so imagin all the ficht scenes in it. but if they do make this film i am hoping they bring in much more marvel characters like carnage or mabye king pin or rhino. just imagin like in 1 of the origanall games the fight with venom and rhino wow that would be amasing, lol im gettin goosebumps just thinking about it:P anyways thats wot i got ta say and ill be back to check wot everyone else thinks. cya marvel fans :P and rock on marvel film producers
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