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Holy crap, is this real?! We've talked about the Conan the Barbarian reboot previously, in an article from early January that rumored that Hitman director Xavier Gens could end up as director. Now the rumors have changed to instead single out, with more confidence, Rob Zombie as the director. has 100% confirmation that Zombie has been meeting with Lionsgate to talk about directing Conan. Is this good or bad or what? I'm still too shocked to sort through this and figure out of it's actually a good thing or not.

As mentioned originally back in January, this Conan movie came out of nowhere. Nu Image was already trying to sell the film, with a poster and all, before anyone even knew about it or before it had a director or cast attached. The rumor that Hitman director Xavier Gens was directing was so solid, that even IMDb changed their listing to show Gens as director. Now it looks like that might not be the case. Or we could have a classic case of confusion, where Zombie, a well-known horror director, could be talking with Lionsgate, a studio known for putting out horror, about another horror movie and not Conan.

Of all the people I could have dreamt up to take on this Conan the Barbarian reboot, Rob Zombie was NOT one of them. This is why I'm so unsure that it's true. Rob Zombie previously directed House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil's Rejects, and the Halloween remake from last year, and seems to be set on directing horror films. He even previously stated that he doesn't like doing remakes, and then shocked everyone by remaking Halloween. If Zombie does take this reboot on, it will at least be a darker and rougher film, that's for sure!

This new version of Conan the Barbarian will apparently be more faithful to Robert E. Howard's original creation than the Arnold Schwarzenegger films. The only other information available is that it's supposed to be out by 2009, but other than that this film is hiding in the dark. What do you think of Rob Zombie helming this film? Is it a good idea or a bad one? Could he bring something unique to the table with his style and filmmaking techniques?

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User comment: By: Richard
Hell Yeah jason_md2020, zombie has a style, hes a visual wonder, things I see in his movie frighten me, now imagine that transcending to fantasy, it would kick so much ass! House of 1000 corpses was awesome till the end, Devils Rejects was just extreme you loved it or hated it, both in my book make it a successful movie, and Halloween, well I;ll decide later, either way if theres already a good story I'd love him to direct it.
User comment: By: Sinner
A new Conan would need an unorthodox approach & I believe Rob Zombie could give us a fresh take, even if it is another remake. He seems to take challenges head-on and, like TCox said, a blockbuster film wouldn't hurt Rob either. As for the actor playing Conan, I like Rock's work but I do not want to see anything close to Scorpion King. It would be sick to see Vin make a strong action come-back in this movie. He definitely has the appearance; size & strength without the clumbsy bulk. He also has the skills to give us a slightly darker Conan (ala Pitch Black) without losing the hero status.
User comment: By: jason_md2020
After Zombie's previous stuff, I can't help imagining how it would be shot: Gritty, grainy and over all BRUTAL. Conan is a barbarian after all...
User comment: By: Joel
Dear Sweet Baby Jesus Up in Heaven....please don't let Uwe Boll even know that this movie exists. Thanks
User comment: By: Nick
Xavier Gens did Frontiers before Hitman. As much as Hitman sucked, Frontiers more than makes up for it.
User comment: By: TCox
REAL6 - you just made me think of what would be a great premise: Bring Arnold back as Conan (King Conan) and have him have a son also named Conan. That will never happen, but it's fun to imagine. Zombie may not be the logical choice, but he's got talent. He could really use a big blockbuster movie to further his career. I agree that as long as Uwe Boll is kept away, things will be fine.
User comment: By: TCox
EtotheZ23 - Did you watch "The Scorpion King" ? If so, then you have to realize that no matter how much we like him, or how much charm he has, The Rock is no Arnold. Not that Arnold is a great actor by any means. His ability to keep a straight face and play larger than life characters (Conan, Terminator, etc.) is what made Arnold what he is. The Rock, or should I say Dwayne Johnson is just too damn likeable to play someone so brooding. With his appeal the studios would go for a PG-13 rating, which would completely ruin the movie. I would really prefer the film makers find us an unknown to take over the role. Maybe even a former wrestler with the ability to act. That should be a short list. Triple H (HHH) was pretty good in Blade: Trinity. Maybe he's worth looking at.
User comment: By: REAL6
Just wait two more years and wait for Ahnoldddddddddddddddddddddddddddd!!! KING CONAN!!!!!!!
User comment: By: EtotheZ23
Yeah this could be a great movie, if they get the Rock to play CONAN that is. THe torch has been passed on from Arnold to the Rock. We all saw it in the RUNDOWN, now lets finally see it take effect!
User comment: By: Enola
Zombie to me is okay, but nothing more. Didn't like Halloween or House of 1000 Corpses. The Devil's Rejects was good fun. Zombie doing Conan just doesn't sound right. Del Toro should be the one making Conan!!! As long as Uwe Boll and Xavier Gens doesn't direct it I'm going to see it. Hitman sucked so bad, he wasn't even killing people with smarts and style. How the hell can you screw up a movie like Hitman, I don't know, but Xavier Gens sure knows ;)
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