Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Role of Destro in G.I. Joe has been Recast - SendMeRSS

Written by Lucas C Haberstich

Whoa, Joe.  Filming on G.I.Joe begins this Wednesday, February 13, but IESB has reported that an unforeseen problem has resulted in a casting change for the popcorn picture's villainous arms dealer, Destro.

David Murray was originally cast as the metal-faced baddie, but the actor has had trouble gaining entry into the United States and could not obtain a work VISA in time for the start of filming.  Paramount Pictures praised Murray's talents and expressed regret at the loss...

then cast Christopher Eccleston in his place.  Hoo-rah.  Probably best known as the 2005 season's Doctor Who, American audiences are more likely to recognize the Brit from his turn as the invisible Claude on NBC's Heroes.  I look to Eccleston as Major Henry West in 28 Days Later as proof enough that the man can do evil with a dash of eloquence, well-suited for Destro.

David Murray shouldn't have told airport security that he was Destro, methinks.

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