Friday, February 1, 2008

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A few days ago some comments coming out of the Weinstein company got some buzz going about the possibility of a Rambo 5 movie. The first half of Rambo 4 was some of the worst filmmaking I’ve ever seen in my life… but the second half of the movie was balls to the wall non-stop goodness… so yeah, I’d be up for another one.

However, those rumors seem to have reached the ears of Sylvester Stallone who has confirmed that THERE WILL NOT BE A RAMBO 5. Period. The good folks over at ropeofsilicon give us this quote from the big man himself:

“This is the last Rambo just as Rocky Balboa is the last Rocky… I can’t go any further. It was a miracle that it even got done.”

So there you have it. No Rambo 5 for us.

As much as I agree that it’s time to let Rambo hang up the bazooka, I do like the idea of an older action hero. A man in his 60’s kicking ass like it’s going out of style. He’d be like Batman from “The Dark Knight Returns”… only he’s have massive guns instead of a utility belt. NOW WAIT A SECOND… THERE’S AN IDEA! (I’ll post the idea later).

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User comment: By: sfsilver
I'm happy to see any and all of Stallone's jingoist xenophobic 80's icons retreat into the sunset and the scrap heap of pop culture. Retire. Please. What we need NOW is more movies like Crank and the Bourne flicks. Those are the kind of action film I can get behind. We don't need to relive the worst excesses and cultural car wrecks of the 80's.
User comment: By: ouija
I went and saw it opening night. And I didnt find the first half the movie nearly as unbearable as some of you here. I thought it was solid enough. The action was "grip you by the balls, we're going" awesome. But yeah, it was a decent send off to an American icon. Now, if we can just Sly to do write and direct some of these up and comings, we'll be set.
User comment: By: Brandon
I like Rambo. Aside from Julie Benz, who gave one of the worst performances I've ever seen..I thought it was a solid action movie. When it was over, I was shocked and how short it felt..maybe its because I was having so much fun watching it. I didn't think, "Man, that was great..I wonder what happens next". I think thats enough of Rambo for me. John, they need to make an eventual movie about "The Dark Knight Returns." Eventually..not anytime soon. A cartoon version would be pretty sweet. I think that would be the best way to go.
User comment: By: Phil Gee
Hey John, you're always the one telling us that no one actor is the only person that can play that part. If you have the vision to imagine Triple H replacing Arnie as Conan then i'm sure you can invision another guy playing John Rambo. Oh, and thanks for the show. I say it in the right corner before.
User comment: By: Darren J Seeley
This is actually good news. There was a day when Clint Eastwood "retired" Dirty Harry Callahan from cinema. Stallone can move on to other things.
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