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Kung Fu Panda Trailer

Would it be crazy to say that I actually think this looks good? And it's not a Pixar movie! The first Kung Fu Panda teaser debuted back in October, and now we have a full trailer for the animated movie. I personally think this actually looks quite funny and possibly could be one of the few good non-Pixar animated movies coming out. Jack Black stars as Po the Panda alongside countless other great actors providing their voice. Kung Fu Panda hit theaters this summer, so check out this newer, better trailer yourself.

Watch the trailer for Kung Fu Panda:

You can also watch the Kung Fu Panda trailer in High Definition at AOL

Kung Fu Panda is directed by Mark Osborne (director of Weird Al Yankovic's music video for "Jurassic Park") and John Stevenson (storyboard artist on a number of other animated movies). The film is written by Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger. Providing voices for the film are Jack Black, Jackie Chan, Dustin Hoffman, Lucy Liu, Angelina Jolie, and Ian McShane. Kung Fu Panda opens this summer on June 6th.

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User comment: By: Curtis
Ill check this one out looks pretty funny, i liked animated movies..
User comment: By: jeric2003
I saw a preview of this one (a lot of the animation was rough or in storyboard, but about 60% was complete) last month. I didn't have to sign any confidentiality paperwork, so I guess I'm free to give my opinion! I thought it was cute, and yes, that's the most appropriate word I can think of to describe it. I'm not sure there was much point in finding so many celebrity voices just to reduce them to a few lines each. Jack Black was perfect, though, and the audience I saw it with laughed plenty. I'm not sure if they are still working on music, because I noticed they used the music from Dark City during a very climactic scene, which I didn't think worked all that well. Overall, it's entertaining and fun, and I think it will please most audiences, but not a classic like the Pixar movies.
User comment: By: ramez
I dont think it looks remotely funny nor remotely interesting. I always want dreamworks to have at least a little something over pixar, but movie after movie they disappoint. Animated film should not be an outlet to give lifeless objects (cars) and animals (this movie as well as many others), human motives. Look at the japanese, they have imaginative worlds with interacting human characters in an amazing story. In all of my animated film rants I say the same thing.... American animated films=children's movies japanese animated films = immersive epic I always say the same thing.
User comment: By: Avelanch
Im going to use my wife as an excuse to see this movie... wait... that doesn't work as well as a niece and nephew... espescially since she is older than me :P I'm just gonna go watch it because it looks great.
User comment: By: pFox
Im going to use my niece and nephew as an excuse to see this looks hilarious
User comment: By: Stephen
I think this looks pretty funny.
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