Friday, February 15, 2008

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Transformers director Michael Bay is featured in a new advertising campaign for Verizon FiOS TV and FiOS Internet services. And this commercial is just as awesome as Michael Bay himself. Bay blows stuff up throughout, and there is even a cameo from Bumblebee. Watch the AWESOME commercial below.

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User comment: By: Zach
I'm glad to see thm using that AWESOME royalty free version of the Pirates theme in that comercial
User comment: By: Kashif P.
A Muslim filmmaker would never be able to do an ad like this :( ...
User comment: By: Anthony
Michael bay is amazing. I want a remote that blows random stuff up. That's the coolest remote ever. Like seriously, the coolest remote ever used to be...uhh....well i'm not really sure what it used to be but NOW, it's a remote that blows random shit up. Hands down.
User comment: By: JFK
What bullshit.
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User comment: By: Tim G.
Eh, too bad he didn't have an appearance by Captain Awesome.
User comment: By: simon
Ummm. I'm not too sure if Bay knows that he sucks. No matter how much modesty the guy had, it probably went down the drain when he made one of the biggest movies of the 07. Bay probably did it thinking it'd be funny to act like that but there's probably some guy at Verizon who just got one up on him.
User comment: By: jerry seinfeld
i have to say, i'm liking him more and more. He's like me and my small package; no use denying it.
User comment: By: PARISCANSUCKMY...
I agree. Micheal Bay IS honest. He knows he sucks and he's not afraid to show it.
User comment: By: Clarence Somerset
Michael Bay is honest ... he never tries to be anything more than he is: a film maker with a terrific sense of pace and action.
User comment: By: Gianni
Haha...It's awesome to see people poke fun at themselves.
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