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Indiana Jones and the Mystery of the BluesOkay, so you've just watched the new teaser trailer for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull… But did you know that Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade was not the last time we saw Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones… Let's take a look back at a piece of history filed directly next to the Star Wars Holiday Special in the folder of cinematic atrocities we wish we could forget.

Ford appeared as a middle-aged Indy (age 50) in The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles in an episode titled The Mystery of the Blues, which aired in March 1993. In Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, 64-year old Harrison Ford plays a 58-year-old Indiana Jones.

George Lucas called upon Ford to film a cameo as Indiana for the series' second season opener. They had already shot a sequence with a very old Indiana Jones and his grandson Spikes, but decided to reshoot the scene with Ford as a younger Indy. ford, who was busy shooting The Fugative at the time (which explains the beard), agreed to film the scene near his home in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. They prepped for a week, an filmed the four minute segment over the course of a day.

The segment begins with Indy and his Indian friend Gray Cloud snowbound in 1950s Wyoming trying to escape their pursuers who are after an ancient Indian pipe in Gray Cloud's possession. Watch the clip below thanks to DailyMotion.

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User comment: By: A.J.
My eyes are burning after watching that...
User comment: By: Hunter Stephenson
death by sax avalanche. only ford could pull that off. this stuff is classic.
User comment: By: Peter Sciretta
Jerry, Indiana Jones appeared in the series aged anywhere from 9 to 93. And yes, the old old Indy was featured a few times, that's probably the one you saw.
User comment: By: Jerry Butler
Maybe that's the scene you are referring to with the Spike kid. If so, I can tell you that it did in fact air on tv back in the series' first year.
User comment: By: Jerry Butler
I clearly remember watching an aired episode of the Young Indy Chronicles with a reeeally old Indy talking to a modern (well, modern back in the 80's when it was made) kid. I recall he had an eye patch and looked really whithered away. His looks initially scared the kid, but eventually Indy started telling one his old stories, which led into the flashback remainder of the episode.
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