Friday, February 1, 2008

First Cate Blanchett Indiana Jones 4 Picture - SendMeRSS

Another new Indiana Jones 4 picture has started circulating around the interweb today, and this one gives us our first real look at Cate Blanchett who plays the bad guy “Agent Spalko”. The image comes from the good folks over at Empire Magazine. Is it just me, or is the guard in the background totally stoned out of his mind?


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User comment: By: CanuckLou
Her look for the movie is horrid. Then again, Ford ain't looking much better.
User comment: By: Mozzerino
She looks like Maude Lebowski!
User comment: By: Kristina
Strange picture. Looks like she's been digitally added into the shot. Even though the pic is legit, it doesn't look REAL, if you get what I mean.
User comment: By: James
Old news. Saw this earlier in the week. Strange angle on that pic though.. Empire Magazine rocks. Too bad it costs an arm and a leg.
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