Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Eric Bana Won’t Smash Ed Norton Over New Hulk - SendMeRSS

Eric BanaGiven that the his role as the Hulk ended, not with a bang, but with a whimper, and you'd probably forgive Eric Bana for being green with envy over the fact that the iconic character has been taken over by a different actor, especially since it was the role that was supposed to shoot him into superstardom.

So forget the comics: Could an Eric Bana v. Ed Norton battle be the real “World War Hulk?”

For shame, the “Munich” star told MTV News. To suggest such a thing would just make him angry (and you wouldn't like him when he’s angry).

“I can't wait to see it,” Bana said of the new “Incredible Hulk” film, a total reboot that wipes away the Bana/ Ang Lee version and starts over. “I think it will be amazing.”

In particular (and somewhat weirdly perhaps), Bana's especially excited about Norton, the actor they got to replace him, he enthused.

“I’m a big fan of Ed’s. I was really thrilled that someone of Ed’s caliber stepped up to play [Hulk] in the sequel,” he said. “It’s great. I’m sure his version will be incredible.”

What about you? Are you juiced for Norton’s “Hulk,” even though we haven't seen so much as a teaser yet? And, now with the benefit of some perspective, what do you make of Bana’s version? MTV Movies Blog SMASH those who don't leave comments. Sound off on all things “Hulk” below.

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