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Black Hole Graphic Novel

After finishing up The Curious Case of Benjamin Button with Brad Pitt, Fight Club and Zodiac director David Fincher could be heading into Black Hole next. The film is an adaptation of a graphic novel by Charles Burns about mutant teenagers in the 1970s, but the best part about it is that a script for the project was originally written by Neil Gaiman and Roger Avary, the same pair that teamed up for Beowulf. Just listen to that line-up: Fincher directing a a graphic novel adaptation by Gaiman and Avary. This has instantly shot to the top of a long list of highly anticipated movies in development, but unfortunately it might mean that Fincher won't be directing the sci-fi flick Rendezvous with Rama for quite some time.

Black Hole is a 12-issue black-and-white comic series that was first published in 1995 (you can pick up the full graphic novel on Set in the suburbs of Seattle during the mid-1970s, the story follows a group of mostly middle class teenagers who over the summer contract a mysterious STD known as "the Bug" or "the teen plague", which causes them to develop bizarre physical mutations, turning them into social outcasts. Several teens with the bug find seclusion at "The Pit", an encampment in the woods outside of town. The author, Charles Burns, has previously said that the mutations can be interpreted as metaphors for adolescence, sexual awakening and the transition into adulthood, themes which I'm sure Fincher will focus on.

The series was actually told over 10 years, finishing in 2005. CHUD's Devin Faraci, an avid fan of the comic, explains that "it never quite works out the way that you think it will, and in the end coalesces into a truly moving and beautiful story about becoming an adult." I only wish I had the enthusiasm Devin has towards Black Hole, but alas I've never read it, so I turn to his immense appreciation to prove to you that this is a project worth caring about. He finishes by saying, "Black Hole is what comics can be, and it's nice to be reminded that not every comic book movie has to be about male adolescent repressed homosexuality packaged for bloodthirsty, misogynistic, obsessive compulsive 30-40 year olds who can't move past their childhoods."

I hope with that introduction to the original source material, you're as excited to see what Fincher, Gaiman, and Avary will create as I am. Even with Zodiac, Fincher's last movie to hit theaters in March of 2007, he's proved that he's still an incredible director capable of even more amazing work as time goes on. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is already quite hyped, and now Black Hole is quickly building some buzz, too. I'm only a bit sad to find out that Rendezvous with Rama, Fincher's long-awaited sci-fi epic, is probably now still on hold, as I'm looking forward to that more than almost any other sci-fi film in the next 10 years.

Although IMDb has this project listed for 2010, Fincher could seemingly put it together for a late-2009 release, although Fincher's exact schedule hasn't been confirmed. Paramount Pictures is producing, which marks the third time in a row they've released a Fincher flick, which is great news in itself. Has anyone else read Burns' graphic novel as well? How does this project stack up in your list of anticipated movies?

Black Hole

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User comment: By: Curtis
Its got me interested already just from what was said up top, sounds different so I'm in!!
User comment: By: Ross
Black Hole is an incredible comic, definitely worth picking up if anyone's even slightly curious. The visual style is stunning, and even more impressive is how consistent it is over the course of the story considering it ran for 10 years. Fincher is the perfect choice to adapt this. Although i'm a bit annoyed he's not doing The Killer next, as i've just read that and it's fantastic. Can't have it all i suppose.
User comment: By: m4st4
Holy Shit! Fincher, Gaiman and Avary? I'm in!
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