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Nicole KidmanNearly a year after Warner Brothers announced their intention to make a biopic of outed CIA agent Valerie Plame, the identity of the actress who will play her has finally been leaked to the media – and you can only find it on MTV News.

“Nicole Kidman,” director Doug Liman revealed. “She’s perfect if you’ve ever met Valerie. Nicole was supposed to play Jane Smith in ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith.’ We owe a movie together! That's an unrequited thing between me and an actor where I fell in love with them for a role and never get to consummate it.”

That Doug Liman himself is attached to the project is something of a surprise all by itself, but a perfect fit, the “Jumper” director said, based on his history working with [REDACTED]…his training in [REDACTED]…and, above all, his unique approach to the material - perhaps a necessity given that the Plame’s memoir, “Fair Game: My Life as a Spy, My Betrayal by the White House,” was heavily censored by the CIA.

Never mind that, Liman said, insisting that he's found a way around any government objections.

“I have a really, really insane take on how to tell it. It’s so outrageous,” Liman enthused. “Ultimately, I’d be doing something no one has ever done before. Therefore it’s automatically appealing to me. I’m just starting to explore whether [what I have in mind] is even possible to do.”

Outrageous doesn’t even begin to cover it. Liman’s extraordinary use of [REDACTED]…And, best of all, it comes with the full support of Valerie, with whom the director has been having extensive talks, he said.

Pretty cool idea, right? What do you make of Liman’s approach? And what do you make of Nicole Kidman as Valerie Plame? And, finally, who would you cast as the other principles: Joe Wilson, Scooter Libby, Bob Novak, Dick Cheney, etc? Sound off below.

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User comment: By: AK Wilks
Kidman will be great. Smart, determined and good looking, just like the real Plame. Who should play Libby? I hope they do this for real, and get into the neocon group that faked the pre-war intel that hoaxed the American people to get behind the war. And I hope they cover Sibel Edmonds (could be played by Eva Longoria or Salma Hayek). She was an FBI translator who says she heard wiretaps showing that a lot of these same neocons who fake the pre war intel and outed Plame were involved in an arms/drug money laundering group that also sold American nuclear secrets. More info here, or just google Sibel Edmonds: [url][/url]
User comment: By: Jon
Great role for Nicole. Russell Crowe is her ideal leading man. Let's hope it pans out, because this is perfect casting.
User comment: By: Holly
Are you sure Liman was talking about WB's Plame project because according to Variety neither him nor Kidman are attached: "Studio is developing a drama about outed CIA agent Valerie Plame and her husband Ambassador Joseph Wilson based on her memoir "Fair Game." While "Jumper" helmer Doug Liman reportedly said he's planning to direct the film with Nicole Kidman in the lead, he hasn't yet met with the studio and neither the director nor the star is attached."
User comment: By: Emma
I love Nicole Kidman and will see any movie she is in! If it were me making the decision, I would also put Russel Crow in the movie.
User comment: By: Suzanne
Gee sorry Kathy, do you know Nicole Kidman personally? Surely Ms Kidman can be an actress and a wife and mother, lots of mommies hold down full time jobs.
User comment: By: Kathy
"Why she has to play a mother or a wife? The world is so masculinism. A strong woman is so scary. Isn't she?" A wife & mother in real life not a damn movie. That would be a real stretch for her. She was perfect in Margot because Margot was a cold b*tch. Kidman always does her best work when playing that.
User comment: By: ramona
I can't agree more. Nicole should be the actress. I don't get the overrated comments about Nicole. She is not overrated. In fact it was the other way around with her movies. Her movies were made bad, but she hold her own side of the bargain --- she acted with with versatility.
User comment: By: Alexie
Nicole is actually perfect for the role. There are other good actresses, but this one's just a "Nicole" written all over it. Just like Noah Baumbaugh's "Margot at the Wedding", Nicole was perfect.
User comment: By: Brad
This seems like a really good choice. Kidman is a hot mama, just like Valerie Plame! I can't wait till this comes out -- right in time for the November elections, I hope!!!YKAC
User comment: By: Anon the Mouse
Its a bomb already
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